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Bob Barr running as a "???????"

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Fellow Libertarians:

Below is the text of a message I just sent to Bob Barr's campaign manager, Russ Verney ( with a copy to LNC chair Bill Redpath (  If you concur with my observations, I invite you to send a similar message. And feel free to forward this to anyone you know, post on blogs, etc.



Dear Mr. Verney ...

Yesterday, I received a fundraising appeal from you that quotes a news release concerning Bob Barr's remarks on the "Bailout from Hell."  The first sentence reads as follows: "Today on Fox News, former Congressman Bob Barr called the taxpayer bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a "BOFH" -- the "bailout from hell."

FORMER CONGRESSMAN Bob Barr ???  Shouldn't that be LIBERTARIAN PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Bob Barr ???  I find it odd and dismaying that Mr.
Barr's party affiliation is nowhere mentioned in this release.  The word LIBERTARIAN is also conspicuously missing from the Barr '08 website, the campaign brochure, the bumper sticker, and virtually all campaign material.
Why is this?  Is Mr. Barr trying to hide his party affiliation? A lot of longtime Libertarian activists, myself included, find this pattern very disturbing. And that's one reason why you have yet to raise even $1 million.

If you want to inspire the party activists, I earnestly urge you to start using the "L" word ... a lot.  Put the word LIBERTARIAN, in large letters, in that blank space at the top of the website.  Use it in every news release. Print up campaign brochures that feature the party's name prominently.

When you do, I'm pretty sure you'll see a marked increase in enthusiasm and contributions.

David F. Nolan
Founder Member
Libertarian Party 

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Comment by DoctorNo
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Barr is part of the System. One can't expect him to change, and other than lying to get nominated he hasn't really been bad for the Watergate Institution of Big Oil's Libertarian Party, now have they?

Arms for Oil will continue, supporting Fiat and will be enforced by the barrel of a gun. It's the New Freedom.

You have all the choices You need. Go back to sleep.

Comment by DoctorNo
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Barr, the unvarnished republican.

Libertarians who listen to the crime gang at the Watergate are in denial. Just like the Change addicts Worshiping O'bomber.

What is shown is dirty old man visiting a porno arcade wearing a see through raincoat with nothing on underneath and the Libertarian Believers insist the man is properly clothed.

It's a form of Cognitive Dissonance.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Note two things:

Meetup topics
Bob Barr, Republican Party, Political Cafe, Club for Growth


"Meet other local supporters of Bob Barr! Spread the word about how both political parties continue to fail us when action is needed the most. Fellow Republicans, we need to work to ..."

I e-mailed the Organizer concerning this, but have not received an answer yet.

Comment by Thane Eichenauer
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First, the article nowhere asserts that Bob Barr is claiming to be a Conservative as the title implies. Second, while Bob Barr's "Libertarian" signage is indeed missing on his web site and printed material, what is the loss here? He does have "Liberty for America" everywhere. I don't care what term Mr. Barr uses to increase freedom. Ketchup freedom tastes the same as mustard freedom to me.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Yes indeed. Quite the Freudian slip there, not declaring yourself as what you claim to be.


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