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To Arizona Voters... a story from inside the Election Process by Jeneen Zucker

Written by Subject: Voting: Vote Fraud
To Arizona Voters...
a story from inside the process 
February 8, 2008
On February 4, 2008, I Jeneen Zucker was asked if I was willing to work at The Polling place; located at Christ The Lord Lutheran Church.  Physical address, 9205 East Cave Creek Rd. Scottsdale, AZ.  This polling place covered all of Care Free/Cave Creek area. 
What you will read below is what I witness to during the long hours of working my polling place on February 4 and 5, 2008
On February 4, 2008 I helped set things up according to the directions given to me by the other workers.  When we left we were all told to be back in the morning at 5:30 am.
When I arrived people where already lined up at the door.  To my surprise I found out the other board members, Barbara Owings and Sharron Hayes and Frank Villers came much earlier. We were all sworn in and the polls were opened at 6:00 am.  The room started to fill up quickly.  The two woman Barbara Owings and Sharron Hayes were in charge of giving voter clearance with their three books, Signature Roster, Blue Poll List and Green Precinct Register.  I had the Ballots Register.  I was never given 1 of the three copies of the Yellow Add on list, to help me assist the voters on this list with their party ballots.  This set up the situation of workers announcing party preference of voters in line who were on the yellow add on list, which made voters unhappy.
I quickly became aware of multiple chronic problems that a large number of voters were experiencing.  Therefore a large percentage of them were forced to vote Provisionary Ballots. People in Care Free only have mail delivered to the Post Office not a physical address.  This is also true for many people living in Cave Creek.
These are the reasons they were given. 
·        You are not in our books.
·        Our books show a physical address, your ID is a PO Box.
·        Our books show a PO Box; your ID shows a physical address.
·        Our books show you were sent an Early Ballot.
·        Our books show you requested an Early Ballot.
·        Our books show you got an Early Ballot.
 Many people were very unhappy, even angry their voting location were changed and they where never notified.  There were numerous people who drove to several voting location trying to vote.  There was one lady who drove to five different locations trying to vote.  Several people came in with election board mailings, showing they were at the correct polling location and they were either sent elsewhere or told they had to vote Provisionary Ballots.
The statements from the voters, where the same, throughout the whole day.  Their conversations with each other, of discontent, frustration and mistrust of the electoral system were loud and clear
·        I have voted every election for the last** many years!
·        Last election the books dropped my wife’s name now I am dropped!
·        I was forced to vote provisionary ballet last election so I filled out the form you folks gave me to fix it and it is still not fixed!
·        You can see by my new voters ID card I should be in your book!  (many of dates were within the time allotment stated in the Training Manual)
·        I have lived at this address for ** years and never had a problem voting before; it’s your books that are the problem!
·        I never requested an early ballot I have always voted in person!
·        No, I did not request an early ballot!
·        Yes I did request an early ballot but it never came!
·        I keep filling out your forms and the information never gets changed and I always told to fill out a provisional ballot
·        Yes, I did request an early ballot, when I did not receive it, I requested another one; they said one would be sent to me, and it never arrived.
·        My wife’s came in the mail but mine did not, so I want to vote.
There were a number of voters that had voter ID cards issued with in 60 days.
 I witnessed  multiple family members dropped off the list.  And told to fill out a Provisional Ballots.
When voters initiate verbal frustration to me, of being forced to vote a Provisional Ballot. I heard over and over again “I want my vote counted tonight with the others” I continued to tell them to call the election  board. 
When people would ask will my vote be counted tonight with the others?  They were told repeatedly YES, by Tim Murphy,   I would tell them it would take a couple of days.
People brought in their early Ballot wanting to have it counted with the other walk in voters and were told NO! It had to be placed in the Early Ballot box. Why could it not have been considered a (Spoiled Ballot) and allow the voter to sign the book and be reissued a new Ballot?  (The person did not believe her ballot would be counted)
People who admit they had not declared a party (reregistered Republican or   Democrat) were lead to believe, they could still vote a Provisional Ballot and their vote would be counted.  This is not true.  Here in Arizona you must be registered as a republican or democrat 29 days before the primary to vote.
The Provisionary Ballots are not counted at the same time; There is a lot of work involved in verifying whether or not a Provisional Ballot can be counted.
In the Training Manual it states on page (3) under, Board Worker Courtesy: Our primary mission of the Board is to assist voters so that they can vote properly. This requires you to provide good customer service, even under sometimes difficult situations.    I believe we should tell the voters the truth even in difficult situations.  We need to allow the voters to make informed decisions based on the truth not coercion and lies.    
Ms. Owings and Ms. Hayes became upset with me for informing the angry voters that I understood their frustrations and where to go with their complaints.  They soon quit giving me the required number beside each voter’s name.  This made it more difficult for me to assist the voters they approved with a party ballot swiftly in the appropriate manor.
Several times during this day I stated to Ms. Hayes and Ms. Owings as soon as it lets up I need to vote.  The problem was it never slowed down enough to even use the bathroom or get a glass of water or eat a bite of food.   And there were not enough workers to give me or anyone else a break.  When I asked Frank Villers if he could heat up some coffee for me I was reprimanded by Ms. Hayes that I could not have coffee at the table even though I placed it behind me away from any voting supplies. 
When Frank villers told us he was going out to the end of the line to announce the polls will be closing at 7:00pm and nobody else could get in line.  I waited till the last approved voter had received their ballot the remaining people were told to vote a provisional ballot.  I grabbed my Voter ID and my photo ID (driver’s license) both of which matched the Signature Roster.  I got up and went to the front of the table and placed both on the table. The two women told me I could not vote the polls were closed.  The signature book was then closed. I sat and worked from 5:30 am till the last approved voter received their ballot.  I never even received a five minute break and these two women, Barbara Owings and Sharron Hayes believe they hold this kind of power.  Well of course they do, they have been exerting this kind of power over the voters all day.  I became angry and demanded the right to vote, they repeatedly told me NO.   There were still people completing their Provisional Ballots in the room.  I demanded again the right to vote. The woman again refused to open the book and allow me to sign the Signature Roster.  The woman stated because I had not voted by 7:00 pm  I could not vote.  I told them I was virtually in line all day waiting for a break so I could vote.  The woman then turned the decision over to the person in charge.  Jason Nevins stood there quietly just watching.  It was Frank Villars that quietly walked towards me stating I think we should let her vote.  Still Ms. Hays and Ms. Owings refused to open the books.  By now Frank Villars was standing at my side, he again stated I thing we should let you vote.  Ms. Owings and Ms. Hayes where still refusing to open the Signature Book and let me sign in.  I repeatedly and loudly demanded my right to vote I could hardly believe what was happening to me but at the same time I had witness the frustration of hundreds of people throughout the whole day.  It was Frank Villers who step in to completed this duty.
I then went over to the Optical scan equipment to write down the number of walk in voters that were allowed to vote.   The number was 751.  I then counted the number of names of people who had to vote Provisional Ballots, the number was 540.  This means:     751     walk in allowed to vote.
             + 540     told to vote Provisional 
                    1291    total number of votes not including Early Ballots.
540 of 1291 = 41% were told they had to vote Provisional Ballots. 
                                    This is a huge percentage. “ Something is wrong!”
But it does not end there!
I quickly wrote down all the seal numbers on the Provisional Ballot box and the Early Ballot box, I noticed the numbers on the Early Ballot Box did not match I saw Frank Villers with his hand under the lid of the Early Ballot box.  I stated these zip ties Seal need to be tightened.  Nobody should be able to get their hand or anything else  in these boxes.  Frank quickly tightened all of them.  At that point Jason Nevins stated “if you need to break seals I have more in my pocket.”  So the supply of seals is plenty?   Having extra in his pocket means the equipment and sealed containers can be compromised!   I then asked, if signatures were needed on the paper tapes that was inside the Optical Scanner? I was told no they already on the tape from this morning, I saw none.  I asked what goes in the pink bubble sip lock baggie.  I was told the memory counter.  I asked, how are we supposed to seal this zip lock baggie? I was told by Jason Nevins it is SEALED with a zip lock.  I told Mr. Nevins the definition of a SEAL is something that must be broken to be opened.   I then ask Mr. Nevins if he every saw the HBO Documentary, Hacking Democracy?  Mr. Nevins stated “I could have written the book”.  I told Mr. Nevins, if this is so, he should understand my concerns. I then told Mr. Nevins the memory counter needs to be placed in something that can be SEALED.  Mr. Nevins then stated what is your problem lady?   This isn’t a certified election anyways.   We don’t count 45% of the vote anyway, (could this be the 540 Provisional Ballots?)  He was getting ready to take the memory counter and drive off alone. I told Mr. Nevins I wanted to go with him he told me NO!  I stated I would follow him.  He left very quickly and would not wait to allow me to follow him.  Frank Villers quickly drew me a map to the church and I was out the door.  I could not keep up with Mr. Nevins unless I was to go over the speed limit.  When I arrived at the Church, it is on the East side Scottsdale Rd. just north of Dynamite.  I pulled into the parking lot.  I stopped close to a group of people standing by a white van.  I was going to ask them if I was at the right place.  Then I saw Mr. Nevins charging me and screaming at me in a very hostel voice “did you read the manual?”  “Did you read the manual?”   He screamed this at me at least three times.  I replied “I read it and I was here to observe.”
For what ever reason the voting poll that I worked at was the one that held up everything.  What I mean is it took until almost 12:00 midnight to deliver the  paper ballots, the  provisional ballots, early ballots and what every other, documentation was to be delivered.   Why did it take so long?  And were the Seal numbers the same as when I left or were they changed?  Is there documentation kept when a seal must be changed and by who?   Or were the woman busy writing a report on me because I had to demand my right to vote repeatedly?    
I see many problems in this whole system that allows for voting fraud!
It appears to be set up to  deliberately make it difficult for the American people to exercise there right to vote? Why did the Signature Roster fail so many voters? Why where there so many voters marked they requested early ballots when they claimed they did not. Why was there so many voters sent mailings of the location of their polling place but they were not in our book Why are we allowing Early Ballots to be manipulated and treated in the same manor as Provisional Ballots? Why were we trained to manipulate the voters and control the crowds with long lines in the cold.  We should have had three signature books, alphabetically divided into thirds, so that we can truly provide good customer services, and move these people through the voting process in a considerate orderly fashion. Why was there 540 out of 1291 votes forced to vote Provisional, that is 41% not counted within 24 hours of closing the polls? Why were the voters lied to, they were told repeatedly their Provisional Ballot would be counted that night with the others. Why were our maps of such poor quality?  People were unable to  locate where they lived in order to locate their polling place?  (The map was lacking streets and basic landmarks) Why were there no printed pads with the Election Hot Line Number printed up to pass out to voters?  Or better yet COMPLAINT FORMS at each polling place. Why where voters told they could not turn in their early ballot (it could become a spoiled Ballot) and get a new one to become a walk in voter?  Why does the memory counter leave the building with only one person, the Trouble Shooter (Mr. Nevins) in a zip lock baggie with NO SEAL?Why does the Trouble Shooter have a pocket full of extra seals that can be used whenever needed?How can Mr. Nevins be of the understanding this is not a certified election when he has been given the job of TROUBLE SHOOTER?  (The one with a pocket full of extra seals and keys and the controller of the memory counter.  The one with enormous power and control) Why would the TROUBLE SHOOTER (Mr. Nevins) state we don’t count 45% of the Ballots?
What gave Barbara Owings and Sharron Hayes the right to disallow me from voting?  When all of my identification matched the signature Roster and I was in the building before the polls closed and I stated repeatedly as soon as things let up  I needed to vote.  And there were people still people filling out their Provisional Ballots?
I want to know what the percent of Provisional Ballots at each and every voting poll in the State of Arizona?
It is because of all these issues, I was witness to, I want to file a formal complaint against: Jason Nevins, Barbara Owings and Sharron Hayes and Frank Villers. Due to their abuse of power, their treatment of voters and for not upholding the oath we all took before the polls opened. After what I witnessed I believe the Arizona Primary Election has been compromised.   
I believe after being witness to more then 14 hours of manipulation and controlled mass confusion at my Polling Place on February 5, 2008, I am convinced there is corruption within our electoral system.  There is not a shadow of  doubt in my mind, it does not matter who votes, what matters is, who counts the votes!
I sincerely pray that those of you who read this letter, will act with do diligence and peruse justice and truth for all Americans.
Jeneen Zucker 

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Comment by Gentry Lange
Entered on:
I run the No Vote-By Mail Project up here in Washington State.

Great first person account. There's a lot of people nationally that may be able to help you.

Please check here for a list of possible voting inegrity resources:

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I forgot some thing. To be an Inspector or a couple of the other positions you have to be a Repub or Dem. That is not right & is discriminatory. The Inspector & the Marshall must be of one or the other parties, 1 a D the other an R. I want to join the Constitution Party.

I am sick of the 'new' Repub. "party". But I am forced to be a Repub. or I can't be an Inspector. This needs to change!!! This would be a step toward breaking the strangle hold of the R & D machine. Also would be more fair to the other parties & give a bit more incentive to join a different party as the discrimination would be gone. In some elections other than R or D can't vote or have limits on choices.


Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I am also a poll worker. Usually the Inspector. This time I was Provisional Ballot clerk. I have been a poll worker for the last 3 Prez. elections & other elections, mid term ect.. I have not had these kinds of problems with my co-workers. I did experience the frustration of those who had to vote provisional ballots, especially this one. Some of the people are at fault & some of the mess is due to the system & failings of the election board in Prescott & probably other parts of the State. I don't think many of the Prescott people would put up with fraud, but we do have Touch Screens as an option & our paper ballots are counted by machine. We have a paper trail but are the paper ballots counted to confirm the correctness of the machine?

I think the Sate over condensed the polling places which caused a lot of problems for us, but not as bad as Jeneen's..

It seems a great idea would be to let whoever is qualified be allowed to vote for any parties candidates without being limited to one party. ALL the candidates from all the parties should be on ONE ballot.

I have not seen vote manipulation at any of the polling places I have worked. But as I said, we have machines. I am with Devvy Kidd ( who advocates going back to paper ballots that are hand counted. Maybe I have watched Terminator to many times :-) but I don't trust the people who make the voting machines.

By the way, I wrote "Ron Vote Freedom" on the back window of my car. I parked about 20 feet out side the 75 foot limit where people could read it as they came in.


Comment by Sharon Davidson
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Thank you, Jeneen, for your brave stand in the face of such unbelievable arrogance and blatant refusal to allow you to vote and their refusal to be accountable for their actions that have compromised the election results. I'm certain that your experience is not unique. Each volunteer at each polling place should have been required to fill out a form as to what transpired at their particular location, in light of the problems that have been discovered at voting polls across the nation.It would be essential in fixing what has been terribly broken in our voting process. I praise you for your diligence and integrity. I heard you on Charles Goyette's radio show. You did a great job describing the situation.

Comment by Blake Smith
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You know I can hardly read this kind of story anymore... I am drained, I have complained to Senators, Congressmen, my friends my enemies, the pole workers, my wife anyone who would listen! I have blogged and protested and put up signs and got all the stickers and buttons.... even participated in the lie that is voting and it wont fix by complaining about it... so what is left? What are they leaving for people like me as an avenue for change or correction? NOTHING! I am backed into a corner Hell even Ron Paul is now a lost cause and after reading his last letter sent to me by his campaign I can now see that he is only hanging around to make us feel better and he is really only running for his seat in Texas... so get some food and some extra rounds if you know what I mean... Good luck!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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