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Arizona Welcomes Ron Paul at Sky Harbor Airport (YouTube Video added)

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An enthusiastic crowd welcomed 2008 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul to Phoenix on Thursday. Filling terminal 4 with the now ubiquitous "Ron Paul Revolution" signs and more traditional campaignware, the group displayed their appreciation for Dr. Paul's efforts.

Following a one hour delay, candidate Paul finally arrived and as he approached the group with signs everywhere exclaimed "I must be in the right place". He then graciously spent time introducing himself to everyone and taking pictures.

For some of this weekends media appearances go HERE.
2006 Candidate for Governor of Arizona, Barry Hess offers Dr. Paul a few campaign tips
Even after his delayed flight Dr. Paul kindly took the time for pictures. I am under strict orders not to disclose the Identity of the other gentleman in the photo ... but I can tell you today was his birthday.
And of course we can't go anywhere without "accidentally" leaving behind a sign... or two. Choose wisely indeed!

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Comment by James17
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This has to be one of the best articals I have read about what is going on in the skies above us. I don't know how many people will read this, but for me, I am going to get it to as many people as I can. Of course this is only one of the many harmful things being done to earths population without their knowledge that they are being murdered by devil fools.

Comment by James17
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This is the best idea I have seen to keep the chickens from getting into the vegetable garden. I have a 60' brick fence on the North side of the backyard and plenty of material to use to make something like this. I am going to share this with a neighbor that has dogs that get into her garden and lay in it. Her boyfriend is handy at building things and he needs something to occupy his time, so this could give him just what he needs to make her happy and to get him away from spending hours watching the boob tube. 

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