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(The Arizona School Choice Trust is my favorite choice. I've known the founders since they started the organization over 12 years ago _before_ there was a State Tax Credit.)


Help Children From Low-Income Families Go to Great Private Schools!

Help a child receive a quality education.

Arizona's scholarship tax credit law allows Arizona residents to get tax credits for contributions to organizations that give students scholarships redeemable at private schools. So, instead of sending your money to the state government, you could use that money to help a student obtain a quality private- school education. An individual taxpayer can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit for up to $500 against his or her state income tax liability, and married couples filing jointly are now eligible for a credit of up to $1,000.

To get the tax benefit on your 2006 tax return (filed by April 15, 2007), you must make your scholarship donation by December 31, 2006. You will be fully reimbursed for your charitable donation when you file your taxes in the spring. It is easy to donate, and there are plenty of great school tuition organizations (STOs). For a complete list of STOs, Click Here to see the page

Ask your friends, family, church members and business associates to find out which STOs they prefer--and make sure they're donating! Whatever scholarship fund you decide to support, please remember to send in your donation SOON. For more information about the STO tax credit, Click Here to see the page

Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit

Arizona also has a tax credit for donations to traditional government schools and charter schools for extracurricular activities, including after-school tutoring programs or sports activities (one school has a rifle team that uses the tax credit donations). This year, you can make donations of up to $200 for single filers and up to $400 for married couples filing jointly. To learn more about how to use the tax credit, ask any school principal, or

(This information coutesy of Tom Jenny and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)

The Arizona Federation of Taxpayers is a non-profit, public policy advocacy organization dedicated to fighting for lower taxes, reduced regulatory burdens, controlled government spending, and other policies that will expand overall economic growth and prosperity for the working people of Arizona.