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Dr. Ron Paul will join PorcFest virtually to deliver a candid look at the dysfunctional American political system. Using anecdotes from his 23 years in Congress, he highlights the need for a limited government and more personal liberties.

Article Image, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Yesterday, June 10, was the anniversary date of President John F. Kennedy's famous "Peace Speech" at American University in 1963, which was about five months before he was assassinated in Dallas.

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The Cradle - Pepe Escobar

The gravity around the newly-enlarged BRICS constellation is drawing in Arab, Muslim, and Global South adherents to the influential group's message on international law, Palestine, and halting forever wars.

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

I'm headed to PorcFest, the annual libertarian festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire, where I will be giving a presentation entitled, "The JFK Assassination: A Fraudulent Autopsy and a Fraudulent Film."

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Military Coup Planned If Trump Wins? shows that many Americans believe the Biden administration has been engaging in "lawfare" to try to keep Donald Trump from campaigning and winning the presidency again. However, their efforts seem to be backfi

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The use of deadly force was legal and justified in the March 19 early morning fatal shooting of Bryan Malinowski by federal agents in his West Little Rock, Arkansas, home, according to Pulaski County Prosecutor Will Jones, who said in a June 14 lette

Article Image - Karen Kwiatkowski

Libertarian optimists are today joined by pessimists of all stripes in "noticing" the decline, decrepitude and desperation of Washington's empire.

Article Image - Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Parents have a duty to protect their children, but the diabolical teachers keep their actions secret. They don't notify the parents and tell the children to keep what is done to them secret. If the parents protest, they can be marked down as guilty