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Economy - Recession-Depression

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An odd - holiday-shortened week - with hawkish actions (foreign) and words (domestic) from central bankers; weak macro data globally (US hard data outperformed but 'soft' survey data is completely decoupled); the yield curve collapsed, screaming rece

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The Liberty Advisor - Bitchute

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the recent warnings of a major recession by "The Conference Board" which is a shadow government organization that's been around for 107 years and has been involved in the creation of t

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The Daily Hodl

Hedge fund manager and macro economic expert Hugh Hendry just issued a major warning on the US banking system and the American economy as a whole. In a new interview on Bloomberg Markets, Hendry says mass panic and capital flight away from the US

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They actually did it. Even though banks are collapsing, the commercial real estate market is imploding, home sales are plunging, and large companies are laying off workers all over America, the Federal Reserve just decided to raise interest rates ev

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The Economic Collapse Blog

It should have been apparent to everyone that the dark clouds on the horizon would bring a storm, and now rain is furiously falling all around us. Our entire system is being viciously shaken, and the dominoes are going to continue to fall in the mon

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