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Economy - Recession-Depression

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On Tuesday, with stocks already solidly in positive gamma territory - meaning any incremental gains would force dealers to buy even more stocks as part of the infamous gamma feedback loop - we reported that according to Nomura calculations a close in

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Having gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role as lender, asset-buyer, moral-hazard-enabler, and zombie-firm-creator of last resort; lifting stocks back towards record highs amid the greatest economic collapse since the great depression

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

Mexico is now caught in a perfect storm: on one hand the economy is collapsing and desperately in need of more fiscal stimulus; on the other any new debt issued to fund this stimulus will immediately result in a junk rating causing even more pain for

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

The biggest bubble that the Fed ever created has burst. We're now seeing the answer to the question: "What happens if everyone needs a bailout at the same time?" The Fed creating trillions of new dollars out-of-thin-air will only make everything much