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A brawl broke out, reportedly instigated by the blonde shirtless man, and Antifa members used pepper spray and blunt objects to attack conservative protesters. An elderly man carrying a baton was punched and sprayed with mace, he retaliated, and was

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Dan Bongino

In this episode I address the disturbing, violent attack by ANTIFA on a reporter this weekend in Portland. I also discuss the Washington Post's pathetic effort to spin, and get ahead of, another damaging story. Finally, I address the behind the sce

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"A shit-stained, drug soaked, degenerate, morose, despondent, perma-drizzle freak show. Capital of Antifa, capital of sexual deviency, capital of depression - in short, another progressive Utopia."

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Oregon about to pass a law that would mandate government surveillance of your newborn baby in your own home

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- Oregon's emergency alert systems blasted a cryptic alert to cellphones around the capital city, panicking residents by telling them simply "Civil Emergency" and "Prepare for Action" and leaving off that the threat was toxic algae