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Big Pharma

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Big Pharma's biggest profit generator...(Natural News) The myth that cholesterol is somehow toxic to the human body has greatly enriched the pharmaceutical industry, generating profits to the tune of billions for drug companies that mass market the

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Although even medical marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, it is generally believed that it is just a matter of time before federal law is changed and it becomes legal nationwide. This provides a massive business opportunity for farmers an

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(Natural News) The drug industry is at a critical juncture in time where it must decide either to start doing business honestly and transparently, or else face the ire of an administration that, in holding true to its promises, is determined to hold

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A UK-based drugmaker has agreed to pay a record $1.4 billion settlement to the US government in order to end criminal and civil probes into allegations of illegal marketing of opioid addiction treatment medication, according to the Justice Department

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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a mass murder occurs when at least four people are murdered, not including the shooter, over a relatively short period of time during a single incident. Over the last 30 years, the United States