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Update (1935ET): In response to today's passing of the House GOP debt ceiling solution, the White House issued a statement claiming that the bill "cuts veterans' health care, education, Meals on Wheels, and public safety, takes away health care fro

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The US Senate is considering a bill to ban TikTok. Introduced by Sen Hawley, the reason for the ban is the perceived threat to national security. There is a related law being considered which is the RESTRICT Act and was introduced by Sen Mark Warner.

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Appearing before the Senate Finance Committee Thursday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in no uncertain terms that she does not think a Republican proposal for the U.S. to prioritize its debt payments in the event of a default is viable.

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Legislators in Arkansas have a simple question before them: if pharmaceutical executives deliberately withhold knowledge of a product's adverse effects, should they be criminally liable if patients suffer serious harm from the product?

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