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Welcome to the United States of Censorship. Your tour guide today is Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted some pro-censorship nonsense the other day. In doing so, Murphy proved that (a) he doesn't understand the First Amend

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Social media censorship is here and out in the open, and it has become clear that the major tech companies are working together to shut down and silence members of the free press for political reasons. Of course, this has everything to do with Donald

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Next News Network - Gary Franchi

Last night President Trump dropped the hammer on Google pointing out the clear bias the search giant exhibits on their own home page. Minds CEO, Bill Ottman, joins Gary Franchi to weigh in on the Trump's attack on Big Social and to discuss his solu

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George Soros, Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation, and the Google News Lab are all running a massive censorship scheme to silence and suppress certain independent media sources across social media platforms while promoting their own investments in online

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