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TN has documented the headlong rush of Central Banks toward digital/blockchain currency in order to replace physical currencies. This will be the new financial system for Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. ? TN Editor

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I took to these pages upon departure because I felt I should immediately clear up mysteries surrounding your firm. I hoped that through these backstories I could provided a small measure of solace to some. Yet the end of a year is a time for reflecti

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PirateChain's Team of Pirates

As you know, $ARRR is the most private cryptocurrency that protects your personal financial privacy. However, the Pirate Chain wants to take the project to another level! Specifically, Pirate Chain is expanding its ecosystem to protect all of your on

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Cambridge Quantum Computing has a demo of its quantum key security generation at Above is a picture of a quantum random key generation device IronBridge is the world's first commercially available certifiable Quantum Cryptograp