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Stock Market

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Today the stench of a desperate liquidity scramble as The Dollar rallied while Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin, Crude, and Gold were all dumped. The Fed ramped up its liquidity bailout facility to a stunning $175 billion per day and still the market kept col

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In a stunning report published this morning by BofA's Marc Cabana, the rates strategist warns that the US Treasury market is no longer functioning properly, and will "likely requires a rapid & large near-term policy response from the US Treasury or F

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After futures soared limit up, rising 5%, or over 180 points, from Monday's close after Trump previewed that a "major" stimulus plan is in the works, including a payroll tax cut and other stimulus measures to mitigate economic damage from the coronav

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Yesterday, when showing the sudden spike in the FRA/OIS spread - a key gauge of banking-sector risk which measures dollar shortages - we warned that liquidity in the market is virtually nil quoting a host of traders who confirmed that it was next to