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The Liberty Advisor - Tim Picciott

A recent cubs game saw a fan flash an upside "ok" symbol on live TV. While 99.99% of rationale human beings would understand this to be the "circle" game... the NPC media wants to create racial divisions by perpetuating the myth this is now a "White

Article Image By Professor

In the old days, getting into college was a big deal--you had to be a good student, have some solid extracurricular activities and generally pass an entrance exam as well as demonstrate you can write a decent "Why I Want To Go To College" essa

Article Image by Tyler Durdan

Having surpassed the key 200-day moving-average (and $200 level), risen for 10 straight days (longest since 2010), and up almost 43% from the start-of-January lows, Apple's Tim Cook must be laughing all the way to the bank...