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Hire courageous, free thinking and freedom loving individuals. Not ideologues whose only agenda is to weaponise your brand and business to further a radical cause.

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Fortunes rise and fall fast in ocean shipping. Easy come, easy go. Case in point: Dry bulk spot rates were surging throughout June and the first week of July. Today, they're on a steep slide.

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Three men, Larry FInk, Joseph Hooley, and Mortimer Buckley are the CEOs of BlackRock, State Street, and the Vanguard Group that are the 'Big-Three' investment firms that are said to own corporate America. These investment firms have nearly $11-tr

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The point of no return may have been reached. The effects of the government-mandated shutdowns due to Covid-19 on businesses -- especially small businesses -- may not be known for months, even decades, but anyone who is paying attention is beginnin