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Four High Ranking NYPD, Officers including 2 Commanders and a Sergeant who over saw gun applications and his officer were arrested early Monday morning on corruption charges, for allegedly doing political favors in exchange for bribes.

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A small town teeming with law enforcement searching for a fugitive gunman became one searching for answers after police said Thursday that the officer who claimed he was fired on by a passing pickup truck driver had fabricated the account.

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How far was Sheriff Joe Arpaio willing to go in ginning up a false conspiracy theory he hoped would disqualify federal Judge G. Murray Snow from the ACLU's big civil rights case, Melendres v. Arpaio? As far west as Seattle and as far east as Was

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In the police accountability movement, we try to stay informed about the law, and about our rights during police encounters. Most of us know that we should try to film the encounter if necessary, and try to ask important legal questions such as "am

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NY Cop Pulls Gun on Black Youths Having a Snowball Fight (Video) BUTTTTTT has the media bothered to "update" or report the story fully? im shocked the NYDN did – no where have i found this update. 'There was no snowball fight': Video sh

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Since 2011, we have been warning of the rise of 'civil asset forfeiture' (here) with the 'stealing of American's hard-earned assets' having been on the rise signficantly in recent months; as the apparent final stage of empire begins.

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ORANGEBURG, SC -- A mistrial was declared nearly 12 hours after the jury of nine women and three men started deliberating in the murder trial of a white former police chief charged in the killing of an unarmed black man.