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When John and Heather Schmit sold their 10-year-old trucking business in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 they found their dream home amid white sandy beaches, rocky headlands, gentle surf, and inland breezes…

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Last week, a GGC investor working with the Recovery Team sent me an e-mail with feedback on the four articles I'd written about the Galt's Gulch Chile land development deal. The first four articles were written from what could be gleaned from all

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The idea of international diversification is a simple one– if you live, work, hold investments, own property, structure your business, store gold, etc. in the same country as your citizenship, then you truly have all of your eggs in one very fragile

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If you are thinking of moving out of the United States or just need a place to have a second home, consider Panama. There are many places that freedom-minded people are looking for as the United States is in the throes of a financial collapse and a