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While Jerome Powell's highly anticipated Jackson Hole speech was, in the words of Brean Capital's Russ Certo "underwhelming and anti-climatic", one couldn't say the same for the shocking luncheon speech by Bank of England's outgoing governor, Mark Ca

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It is rare for Wall Street analysts to break the echo chamber of the intellectual Trump #resistance - after all, "Orange man crazy, his tweets make no sense" remains all the rage among those who are paid 7 figures for their (mostly wrong) economic in

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President Trump has never been a fan of the strong dollar. And after beating around the bush for months by demanding a 50 bp rate cut and more QE from the Fed, it seems the president is now explicitly calling on the US to artificially weaken the gree

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Nine months ago, as US Treasury yields were drifting lower from a seven-year high reached in May of last year, we pointed out a curious development in the market for US sovereign debt that to our complete lack of surprise had been overlooked by the m