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The Guardian

An antiwar activist has been accused of spying for the US army, raising legal questions the Obama administration must answer.   An antiwar activist in the state of Washington had been exposed as an undercover informant for the US army, stationed at massive Fort Lewis, south of Tacoma. And in one of those Kafkaesque twists for which our government is renowned, the army is now investigating itself to determine how such an arrangement came to pass.

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Please join us for our monthly meeting on Tuesday the 11th at TC Luigi’s Pizza in Tempe. This is a casual event where everyone can get to know each other better while exchanging information and ideas to further the cause of ending automated ticketing. Can’t make it? We have over nine events scheduled within the next two months, everywhere from Payson to Tucson: Aug 15: Signature Gathering: Payson rodeo parade Aug 15: Signature Gathering: Car Show Aug 22: CameraFRAUD Rockfest Sep 2: CameraFRAUD Rockfest Sep 5: Signature Gathering: Tucson Crossroads of the West Sep 12: Signature Gathering: Phoenix Crossroads of the West Sep 19: Signature Gathering: Constitution Fair Sep 25: EAST SIDE Demonstration – East vs West Challenge! Sep 25: WEST SIDE Demonstration – East vs West Challenge!

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[Alex, you're a marketing Genius ED]  In order to awaken the people about Obamas agenda, Alex is organizing a contest centered around the Obama as Joker poster that has Democrats and Obamanoids going ballistic. Go to Infowars and download the posters, print them out, and put the posters up in public spaces around your town.

Make sure to use a poster with Infowars displayed. Create a video of your poster offensive and post it on YouTube.

Send the video URL to by Friday, August 14, at 11:30PM central, and we will choose the best for the contest. Make sure to include Obama Joker $1000 Video Contest in the email subject line.

Contest winner prizes:
First Place: $1000 Second Place: $500
Third Place: $200

Honorable mention receives an original Alex Jones Obama as Hitler artwork   

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Freedom Fighter Radio

We need your support Now to help us continue and to take this to the next level. To help us stay on the air. If you’re a concerned citizen, deeply worried about where America is headed politically, disgusted by the media-ignored threats, fed up with the relentless attacks on our freedoms and beliefs, and concerned about the taxing effects on our way of life.

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The effort to discredit and shut down opposition to Obamacare has gone from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid holding up artificial turf and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling opponents Nazis to violence. During a demonstration Thursday evening outside a forum on aging called by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis, in Mehville, Missouri, a patriot was viciously attacked by union thugs.  

Daily Paul

The upside down U.S. flag is an official signal of distress. It is not meant to be, and is not officially recognized as any type of disrespect when so displayed for the right reasons. Here is the relevant part of the US Code of Laws regarding how to fly the flag when in distress:

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American Resistance Movement

This is an American resistance movement production …showing all of America the images and sounds that haunt the minds of patriots……. fueling us to push forward and fight for our constitutional rights.  

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Michael Maresco, Liberty Rider and man of steel, has completed his cross country Ride For Honesy. From the Statue of Liberty in New York to California's Alcatraz prison, Mike has spread the word of the R3VOlUTION far and wide. What does he plan next? Hint: have a Kokesh and a smile!

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Freedom County is now officially on the move. Financing has been secured, Land has been secured and all that is needed is people who believe in the Constitution and the right to live as free beings with good neighbors, self sufficient individuals claiming our rights under the Constitution.

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New Scientist

THE protests that took place on the streets of London on the eve of the G20 summit in April lived up to many people's expectations. Around 2000 protestors turned up, and were heavily marshaled by police. There was a bit of trouble, but the police tactics - specifically, the decision to corral the entire crowd into a small area near the Bank of England, an approach known as "kettling" - kept a lid on the violence.

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One day about 2 months back, when my very good friend and fellow patriot Psychic Taxi, informing me that he was going to accompany Michael Maresco, Liberty Rider,  as rode across Arizona, after the 4th of July.  I said to “You’re going?  I’m in”.

Article Image liberty

  This is a visit from our most frequent visitor to our site,the Trilateral Commission. They come to our site dozens of times a day and this is just one of many numerous visit from them. Further Trialogue and other official writings made clear their stated goal of creating a “New International Economic Order.” President George H.W. Bush later and now Obama have talked openly about creating a “New World Order”, which has since become a synonymous phrase.

It is clear that the Executive Branch of the U.S. was literally hijacked in 1976 by members of the Trilateral Commission, upon the election of President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale. This near-absolute domination, especially in the areas of trade, banking, economics and foreign policy, has continued unchallenged and unabated to the present.

Windfall prof

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The Phoenix R3volution Saddles up in a motor home and Heads to Meet the Liberty Rider Michael Maresco and to jump start the Kokesh Revolution and show the patriots in Santa Fe just exactly how to wage a propaganda war. And We have already WON! One the way the Brave patriots travel across Arizona by bicycle and perform outreach on the people in Arizona. The patriots move down I-40 from the New Mexico border to Winslow, Flagstaff, Seligman, and Kingman traveling 70 miles per day. Visiting with Sheriff's and freeing Minds.  Music video done to the "tune" of take it easy by the Eagles.  I am not using youtube as they Mute out anything that has "copyrighted" content.  So they can Eff themselves!

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Pat Kopecki

Agriculture leaders, as well as farmers and ranchers, are watching the outcome of the many congressional bills that are being discussed on Capitol Hill. They question whether farmers and ranchers will survive if additional permits and taxation are implemented. Two of the issues currently being discussed are the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that is included in House Resolution (HR) 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, and the probable taxation of cattle by means of changes in the Clean Air Act.  

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First off, let me say my experience was short and sweet. There's my odd work schedule, there's the inevitable varueries of the timing and schedule of a bike ride and twice as inevitable communication challenges. By the time I established a firm idea of where they were and where they were going to be, I was able to jet up and catch them in Ash Fork, a tiny little town on I-40 East of Flagstaff.   Now I say "them" and "they" because Mike the Liberty Rider isn't alone on his journey through Arizona. Three Arizona activists and a motorhome accompany him. So as I'm exiting the highway at Ash Fork I raise Ed on the cell and Ed says they are about 11 miles East of Ash Fork, so I have some waiting to do until they get here.   Right then Tom Costanzo goes pedalling along right in front of me on the highway. So I get back on the other way, overtake Tom, pull over and talk to him for a bit. He'd broken out in front of the pack and was placidl