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Daniel Heller

Okay, so there weren’t 5,000 people who showed up as there were on April 15th. There were reports of 200-300 Phoenicians, at most, who attended the Fourth of July Independence Day Tea Party. (The “Tea” is an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already.”) That doesn’t seem like much of a movement. Of course, it was approaching 110 degrees. And I can’t talk because I didn’t attend either. I took a trip up to Dewey and Gerome with my girl to get out of the heat for the one weekend we both had some time off work. I know—I betrayed the cause...

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Freedom Fighter Radio

This is an EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT to stop S.1261, The Pass Act which is worse than Real ID. We need to contact all the members of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to kill this before it gets to the Senate floor.  

Linda Hunnicutt

There are so many sites with advice and directions on how to do anything from surviving, making money and absolute cures for all manner of illness. How many of them are just out hawking products, making money on our need to learn how to protect ourselves from our own apathy, stupidity, laziness. There is no amount of money that can buy COMMON SENSE. We all have it in some shape of form but will not accept it as what we need to do as we need experts to qualify it as real. It is easier to let someone else tell you what is right and wrong and it causes no problems as if it fails and it always does you have someone to blame

There are three liberty riders pedaling across the desert now. Michael Maresco is Joined by Arizona activists Tom Costanzo and Ed Valejo in the cross-country Ride For Honesty. Tonight their objective is Winslow. Tomorrow they intend to make Flagstaff. They are moving fast. Check the route and see if you can catch them wheeling by your town!

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Another opportunity has been missed again to warn Americans on a clear and present danger of how the Global Elite aided and abetted by our wicked leaders and Obama.The Tea Parties that occurred this past Saturday July 4, 2009 had a perfect opportunity to warn America of the below information, They knew of this yet ignored this chance to get the word out on a massive scale. Of the enemies of America plans to do the following.

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Steven Anderson

Brave Steven Anderson gives a speech at the Gilbert Tea Party on July 4th 2009.  The pastor is fired up and talks about how big government is the ENEMY and what is the difference between Governor Jan and Governor Jan.  They are the same.  Any Politician who is in the republican and democratic party is an ENEMY of the the People of this country.  There are only 2 parties who represent the people:  The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party.  You can get more information on Pastor Anderson at his church Faithful word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona.

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Dmitry Orlov

My premise is that the U.S. economy is going to collapse, that this process has already begun, and will run its course over a decade or more, with ups and downs here and there, but a consistent overall downward direction. I neither prognosticate nor wish for such an outcome; I just happen to see it as very likely. Furthermore, I do not see it as altogether bad. There are some terrible aspects to the current state of affairs, and some wonderful aspects to the post-collapse environment. For example, the air will be much cleaner, there will be no traffic jams, and people will have plenty of time to devote to their children and to people within their immediate community. Wildlife will rebound. Local culture will make a comeback. People will get plenty of exercise walking around, carrying things, and performing manual labor. They will eat smaller and healthier diets. I could go on and on, but that is not the point. (Dmitry Orlov)


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Seeking Alpha

Over the weekend, YouTube launched a new channel dubbed Reporters’ Center, which it hopes will prove to be a good way to educate existing and aspiring citizen journalists on how to report news in ‘the digital age’. The new resource will feature a host of top journalists and media experts sharing instructional videos with tips and advice for better reporting.

News Link • Global Reported By Justin Tyme

Though Texas and now in New Mexico, the man understands what "dry heat" is all about. Arizona activists are gearing up to travel to NM to meet him and Adam Kokesh on July 4th.

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On Sunday May 24, 2009 at 11am in Liberty State Park, NJ, 44 year old Bicyclist Michael Maresco, will begin a 63 day - 4000 mile journey across the continental United States of America.  While traversing the country on a modified WalMart Schwinn, Mr. Maresco will meet with Governors and County Sheriffs to discuss their vital roles in preserving citizens’ liberty and a constitutionally correct Rule of Law.

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Michael Maresco is a man on a mission. “I’m riding from the Statue of Liberty to Alcatraz because that’s the way I believe this country is going,” he said outside the Creek County Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon.

The Hawaii resident and New York native stopped in Sapulpa Friday afternoon on a Trans-continental bicycle ride that, when completed, will have taken him from New York City to San Francisco. He is stopping at sheriffs’ offices in every county he crosses during his ride.

Riding a bicycle and pulling a cart behind, Maresco displays five flags on a small flagpole attached to the cart. Each flag has meaning, he said. Beneath the Stars and Stripes, Maresco displays a 1776 Gadsden flag, commonly known as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.

The Gadsden flag, he says, was part of his inspiration for embarking on his journey. Maresco was shocked by a Department of Homeland Security report issued last spring labeling anyone flying the Gadsden f

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Bloody internacine war. The rivers run red and even Holy God blushes. A desperate call goes out for more tomohawks and please for morgue technicians for we are knee-deep in dead bodies. If this if a freedom movement, maybe we should consider mass ritual suicide.

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The American Resistance Movement is now in possession of the 76 page guide lists the radio frequencies, repeater input / output / talk-around frequencies, trunked radio network details including CTCSS codes for “private line” carrier squelching, satellite communications codes, radio programming instructions and more! 

Article Image liberty

  By: James J. Stachowiak (A.R.M.) Here is a novel idea since the Global elite wants to train foreign troops on our soil to be used against us at some point in the not to distant future try this. This is the time when foreign troops will be training alongside our troops on our soil. If you get the chance do not treat the Foreign Troops with any respect rather the opposite let them know they are very un-welcome on our soil. In fact lets all destroy some UN flags along with flags from their countries as well. Lets send them all a message we will never tolerate foreign troops taking actions in any way against us. This exercise needs to have as much difficulty as possible within the frame work of the law.So lets tie up all our own lines of communication. I recommend to all to overload all your communication devices,cellphones and wireless internet during the NLE09 Fema drill July27th thru 31st. The American Resistance Movement is now in possession of the 76 page guide

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Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve! Now 209 Representatives backing it! Be The Media! Arizona needs to call Gabrielle Giffords! [Update Gabrielle Giffords just signed on to Ron Paul's bill HR1207 ED]