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Food Recipes - Long Term Storage Foods

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In the realm of emergency preparedness, having a reliable source of food is crucial. Among the various options available, canned meat and freeze-dried meat are two popular choices.

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Oxygen absorbers are game-changers in the world of food storage. They're like little food preservation superheroes, swooping in to extend the shelf life of various edibles and maintain their freshness. However, much like any superhero, they too hav

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I'll answer your questions about freeze dryers and I'll show you how we fixed the biggest problem we had with our HarvestRight freeze dryer. Are freeze dryers worth the money?

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Join me for today's Pioneering Today Podcast as I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of freeze dried vs. dehydrated food. What exactly are the differences between freeze-drying and dehydrating. Are there benefits that outweigh one from the other?