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Food Recipes - Long Term Storage Foods

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Ask a Prepper

Back in the day, before refrigeration, a particular problem was keeping stuff fresh for extended periods. There were many weird and wonderful ideas, the practical ranging from the Victorian ice house, to cool dark pantries and root cellars.

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Things are tough in America and they're likely to get tougher. Many of us are forced to reallocate our money from one necessity to another and often, the thing that suffers first is our diets. If times are tight, you might find this article helpful

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Thank you for joining me today for this basic pressure canning tutorial! I am by no means an expert authority on this (or any) subject, but I have been doing it for a while and when I asked my friends for video topic input, pressure canning was reque

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Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

If you find yourself in a survival situation with minimal gear, could you cook your food with a thermos? You bet you can. You can also use a thermos as a low-fuel method for power outage cooking. Here's how.