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Men trying to be our God

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Getting to and sustaining the next normal: a roadmap for living with covid

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Joseph Mercola -

For many years, the technocratic elite, with their global authoritarianism goals, have infiltrated governments around the world and pushed for surveillance and national security tools intended to suppress dissent

Article Image - Lew Rockwell

Some people have been astonished by dictator Justin Trudeau's seizure of emergency powers in order to suppress the heroic truckers who are protesting Covid dictatorship. They shouldn't be.

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Habits can help us immensely or hurt us immensely, and if we don't pay attention to them, they will be formed in us by accidental processes. And over time they make such a tremendous difference in our happiness and effectiveness that they really ar

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America is led by a bunch of incompetent, immoral nincompoops, and we all know it. Pick the field: government, law, religion, journalism, medicine or education. It's all the same. At the top, they are scum. Cream is not the only thing that rises to

Article Image - Charles Hugh Smith

When the state / empire loses the ability to recognize and solve core problems of security and fairness, it will be replaced by another arrangement that is more adaptable and adept at solving problems.

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The Highwire - Del Bigtree - Bitchute

Omicron Takes Center Stage; Latest Science Sheds New Light on Myocarditis Concerns; Doctor's Fight Exposes Oregon Medical Board Mafia; Del's 'Football Analogy' Revisited.

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