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Men trying to be our God

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It is virtually impossible to fully comprehend--much less articulate--the devastation that the phony Covid narrative has caused. The global devastation caused by the hype and hysteria of the Covid narrative has been far more dangerous and deadly th

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Now we can turn to more overt tricks. It's odd that I remember encountering these during my youth and very little during mature adulthood. (Save for the last of them.) And I think that's because abusers have far better success when using them on

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Eric Peters Autos

The day may come when it is illegal to work on your own car, in your own driveway - even in your own garage. It already is in Sacramento, CA.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

How successful would the political classes be in expanding their powers if they had to deal with a population of individuals that were unafraid and who guarded their liberty with their lives? Liberty requires eternal vigilance. Be wary of the fear pe

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We Are Change - Luke Rudkowski -

In this video, we break down Eric Schmidt's comments at the World Economic Forum talking about how good The Great Reset is for him and other Davos elites.