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Vancouver's Leckie Studio recently launched the Backcountry Hut Company, to offer modular cabins that come flat-packed and are put together like a piece of furniture from Ikea. Still in the design stage, the cabins will be able to run on or off-the-g

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We've reported on plenty of container-based homes over the years but here's one that really stands out thanks to its unusual styling. The unnamed dwelling is conceived as a non-towable tiny house and comprises a relatively roomy interior that include

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Oakland nonprofit the Seasteading Institute, a group devoted to the development of floating colonies adrift from the oppressive moorings of society, has announced its dreams are closer than ever to reality. As soon as 2017, the institute hopes to bre

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Deep-ocean entrepreneur Phil Nuytten is neither the first nor the last person to tussle with James Cameron on a film set. Acclaimed for directing the two highest-grossing movies of all time (1997's romantic blockbuster Titanic and 2009's CG break

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China has an impressive number of massive developments in the works, from a 1,640-foot-wide radio telescope to a 26-mile-long bridge. But all that new infrastructure and construction requires space, which means residents are sometimes forced to move