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Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

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Our government, or the unelected billionaire globalists behind the curtain, are telling us the bad guys are Russia and China. I do not consider them enemies. I consider them countries acting in a way that benefits them. The U.S. is the global bully,

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Twitter - Permissionless II

Permissionless II opener from @ErikVoorhees that got an entire crypto conference on their feet

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Global Research

Protest Movement against Illegal Covid Vaccine Mandates, Political Thuggery, Divisive and Illegal Acts. "Demolition of Fundamental Human Rights". A powerful documentary about the 2022 New Zealand protests against mandates

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The Covid narrative of the last three years was the greatest hoax in human history. The Covid virus itself (as touted) was never scientifically proven to exist. Of course, the coronavirus has been around forever as the common cold.

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Twitter - Epoch Times

Former President Trump released a fiery statement in a new campaign video, saying Americans should push back against "fearmongering" and should "not comply" with new #COVID19 mandates.

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