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Why are billion-dollar "capital" entities like BlackRock buying up hundreds of millions of dollars of formerly privately owned homes? It may be possible to divine the answer by looking at another number:

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Mortgage applications crash to 22-year low as monthly payments skyrocket There could be some potentially good news on the horizon for prospective home buyers who have been patiently waiting for a lower and much more reasonable entry point into the

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When mortgage rates soar and mortgage applications crash, a housing affordability crisis is underway. The latest sign of cooling demand and a possible turning point in real estate markets could be the plunge in luxury-home sales.

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In the Before – the years prior to what has been styled the "pandemic" (which it was, in the sense that metastatic hypochondria spread like cooties at a '70s key party) when a house sold it was usually occupied shortly thereafter by the peopl

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Is the housing boom about to bust? Sellers are slashing prices at levels not seen since before the pandemic amid rapidly cooling market as hedge fund manager of The Big Short fame warns 'It's like watching a plane crash'