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Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval did something that had only happened four times in the history of baseball. He hit three home runs in a World Series game to carry San Francisco to a game one victory of the Tigers.

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Armstrong not only won his record seven Tour de France titles “from start to finish by doping,” the agency said, but he also trafficked in banned substances, pressured teammates on the U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling team to dope as well, and threate

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(CBS/AP) SEATTLE -- In a bizarre ending that capped a brutal weekend for replacement officials, the Seattle Seahawks somehow beat the Green Bay Packers, 14-12, on Monday night in a game that's certain to re-ignite frustrations over the locked-out ref

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Think football, and odds are you think tailgate party. And with good reason — the tailgate party is among the most time-honored and revered American sporting traditions, what with the festivities, the food and the fans. And the beer. Don’t forget the