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WAR: About that War

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Forget the border, this is where the real action will take place. World War III is upon us. It is only looking for a match to start the fire. Dave Hodges interviewed Steve Quayle on this point. Of the 3 hours that Dave interviewed Steve, this is the

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As the United States is reportedly "slowing things down" on Trump's announced full troop withdrawal, Syria's President Assad is apparently speeding things up in terms of reasserting sovereign control over all parts of the country, as he's long promis

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In the week before President Donald Trump's reported decision to abruptly withdraw 7,000 U.S. service members from Afghanistan, the top U.S. commander there all but admitted that the 17-year-old war there will not end with a military victory for th

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Trump makes surprise visit to Iraq with Melania where he declares ISIS 'very nearly defeated' and says America is 'respected' again -- after being slammed for pulling forces from Syria and avoiding a war zone

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