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TAXES: Federal

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As I have repeatedly emphasized, in order to achieve a genuinely free society, it is necessary to dismantle or abolish infringements on liberty.

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For years, politicians have claimed that the rich weren't paying their "fair share." While it's taken a decade or more for voters to catch wind of the truth, people are finally beginning to realize that the rich actually pay far more than the

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Update (1140ET): Following comments from a team of Goldman analysts who warned in a note to clients published this morning that the Democrats' new spending plan (and the tax hikes they say will accompany it) is a "downside risk to our fiscal assumpti

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Thanks to the beneficence of the Internal Revenue Service--and the fallout from COVID-19--we half of Americans who pay federal income taxes have been given until May 17 to file.

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The program to be implemented by the Biden administration to increase federal revenues by raising direct taxes on higher-income individuals and households, according to reports, would hit married couples the hardest, which would be a clear attack on

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