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TAXES: Federal

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Chicago Tribune

While the Biden administration wants to raise federal income taxes to cover overspending, the governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, wants to reduce and eventually eliminate his state's personal income tax. If successful, West Virginia would join

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Despite optimism from Chinese data overnight, forecasts for lower OPEC+ output, and a weaker dollar, oil prices are tumbling this morning with WTI back below $64.50...

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One of the ways that gas taxes will be increased is by not calling them that. It goes down easier – like the "shared responsibility payment" you're forced to pay for not paying the health insurance mafia for an Obamacare policy you don't wa

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"How Social Security Reform Could Make a Popular Federal Program Better," by Rachel Greszler and Ilana Blumsack, was published last month by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that, for almost fifty years, claims to have "advanc