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TAXES: Federal

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Donald Trump's critics have heaped scorn on his calls for protective tariffs to deal with America's widening trade imbalance and the resulting loss of higher-paying blue color jobs.

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Schneier on Security

I'm here to give you something to think about. In addition to sending the IRS your money, you're also sending them your data. It's a lot of highly personal financial data, so it's sensitive information. Is that data secure? The short answer is "no."

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During an interview with the editorial team of the New York Daily News, Hillary Clinton admitted her tax proposals will increase taxes on the American people by at least $1 trillion over the next ten years.

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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders find themselves as allies in their attempts to "help" blue-collar American workers. Would they really help, or cause even more harm to an economy that has been strangled by government? Ron Paul focuses on the folly of