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Peter Schiff enlightens the audience at Access Tax Lien Talk to policies and phenomenons that threaten the future of Americas economy. Schiff gives insights that beckon the listener to brace for a new era in the global economy.

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Market Watch

The European Union has ordered Starbucks Corp. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to pay back tens of millions of euros in unpaid taxes obtained through illegal tax deals, in an unprecedented decision by regulators that risks blowing open thousands of cor

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Late last week Irwin Schiff passed away. He died in prison, shackled to his hospital bed. His crime? A sincere belief that the US government did not have the authority to collect income tax from American citizens. He was considered by many a politica

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The Daily Bell

Irwin Schiff made his reputation trying to debunk and remove the US income tax system. He considered it illegal and immoral and went to jail three times for his beliefs.

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Irwin Schiff, imprisoned for his resistance to the federal income tax, died yesterday. Efforts by his son, the noted financial commentator Peter Schiff, to secure his release from prison so that he could die with his family, were unsuccessful. Schiff

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It never fails. Every time I write anything about taxes I get long, rambling e-mails from tax trolls who scour the Internet looking for articles about taxes so they can contact the writers and impress them with their knowledge of the tax code.

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Just the other day we wrote about a US House "suspension" bill that would give the Secretary of State the authority to cancel your passport if he decided that you had "aided" an organization that he rules is terrorist.

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Ever wonder why the biggest market for pick-up trucks (that's us, the U.S.) has so few trucks available?