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Bob Stanley (Founder and Chief Evangelist of the FreeNet Movement and on working toward a safer, free internet - Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD (Molecular Biologist) on Cannabis Science Virtual Event, Autism One Conf, Vaccine Injury payouts, e

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welcoming gun videos launches soon...(Natural News) In the latest bombshell censorship attack on both the First and Second Amendment, YouTube announced a policy change today that will quickly lead to a complete banning of all gun videos, including mo

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Roughly nine months after Google's parent company Alphabet was slapped with a 2.4 billion euro fine for "abusing its dominance in search," Brussels bureaucrats are reportedly preparing to take things a step further and unleash Europe-wide regulations

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The Oranic Prepper - Daisy Luther

It's not breaking news that the internet censors have been hard at work to silence voices that are in opposition to the mainstream media agenda. But after the influence that social media had on the last election, things are going to a whole new lev

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