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An art teacher at TOPS at Seward School in Seattle, Washington, told her eighth-grade students that the concept of peace is "racist," and that President Donald Trump is divisive, adding that some of her own art projects are "racist" and deriv

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Teens for Trump - Maxim Smith

Tim Pool and Corey DeAngelis Are Right About Education, But This is What They Are Missing. Tim has had Corey on his show to talk about education and how it has been corrupted by certain ideologies, teachers unions, and the state. Tim has also talked

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Teens for Trump

To President Trump, If you watch this video then I would like to inform you that we are having a terrible time in education today and we could use your help. Education had gone south fast and the 1776 commission could save it if played right. Thank y

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When a police cruiser rolled up to a house party in Sudbury, Mass., earlier this month, teens sprinted into the woods, chucking beer cans as they fled. In the basement, police found dozens more underage drinkers, all breaking pandemic rules by packin

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The public elementary and secondary schools in the District of Columbia spent $30,115 per pupil during the 2016-2017 school year, according to Table 236.75 in the Department of Education's "Digest of Education Statistics."

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John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute

Once upon a time in America, parents breathed a sigh of relief when their kids went back to school after a summer's hiatus, content in the knowledge that for a good portion of the day, their kids would be gainfully occupied, out of harm's way, an