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Criminal Justice System

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Thanks to an error by the Taos, New Mexico District Attorney's office, 11 counts of felony child abuse charges against three of the five suspects who ran a New Mexico "Jihadi" compound where a dead child was found were dropped on Wednesday.

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A former Monterey County-based California Highway Patrol officer has just been convicted of raping another child. I say another because he has a history of molesting and raping children, but has not been put in jail for his crimes.

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weden: Last summer, a 13-year old Swedish girl was given alcohol and raped by four Somalis who filmed the event and posted it on social media. All of them claimed to be under 18-years old, and three of them received a sentence of 8-months 'youth de

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The Department of Justice won't prosecute Imran Awan, a former IT administrator for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of other Democrats, for allegations of cybersecurity breaches, theft and potential espionage, as part of a plea agreement one

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A jury in Oakland, California found all five Berkeley Antifa members 'not guilty' of misdemeanor assault of a Trump supporter, despite testimony from a police sergeant and firemen who said that all five of the accused kicked and punched the man w