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Finally, A President Told Us The Truth--Sort Of

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It doesn't matter who the president is, whether he's Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal: If his lips are moving, he is lying. On the whole, Washington politicians are the biggest liars in the universe. They lie so much that they have totally and thoroughly lost touch with any semblance of honesty. They care as much for truth as they care about the lives of the people they routinely destroy. That's one reason why I never watch presidential debates. Watching liars attempt to out-lie each other just isn't my cup of tea.

Once in a blue moon, however, a president will tell the truth. It doesn't happen very often, and when it occurs, it's usually a Freudian slip. But Donald Trump actually told the truth the other day. Hardly anyone paid any attention to it, of course. Most people nowadays have little interest in the truth. Regardless, Trump finally told the truth—sort of.

Here's the report:

Four days ago, Donald Trump said the U.S. isn't involved in the Middle East for oil, but because we "want to protect Israel." The comments have gone all but unreported in the mainstream press.

Trump made the comment during a rally in Winston-Salem, N.C. on Sept. 8, when he was bragging about America's energy independence, which he said Joe Biden would undermine if he gets the White House.

The fact is, we don't have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel.

The American Conservative's Barbara Boland is the only reporter who seems to have picked up Trump's remarks. No one else cares, evidently.

Do you remember all the arguments about Why are we engaged in so many conflicts in the Middle East? And why we are going to war in Iraq? And the mainstream default position is that it's because of oil. Even though we lost concessions in Iraq.

These comments by Trump, the disrupter, tie into the long but shadowy pedigree of analysis from policymakers that we invaded Iraq to make Israel safer. Like the former head of the 911 Commission who said that the threat to Israel was the motivation for the war, but that was "the threat that dare not speak its name." Or Colin Powell's comment that we went into Iraq because the Secretary of Defense bought the neoconservative arguments of "the JINSA crowd," referring to the Israel lobby group the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Trump touches on a larger realpolitik understanding of the creation of Israel, that it helped foster unrest throughout the region. As the State Department warned that it would do, in the 1940s. But don't expect anyone in our media to consider such ideas.

That's it! That's the real truth of the matter. The U.S. government is fighting wars of aggression all over the Middle East, supporting terror groups, dropping a bomb every 12 minutes, sending our young men and women to fight and die, destabilizing governments, engaging in nonstop regime changes "TO PROTECT ISRAEL."

We are NOT in the Middle East to protect the United States; we are not even in the Middle East to protect the free flow of oil. We are in the Middle East to protect the Zionist State of Israel.

Yet the fact is, no Middle Eastern country poses a serious threat to Israel—not Iran, not Syria, not Iraq, not Lebanon, not Jordan, not Saudi Arabia, not Egypt—not a single one of them. Due to America's massive financial and military transfers to Israel, the Zionist State is one of the most heavily armed and militarily advanced nations on earth. And it is the ONLY nuclear power in the Middle East. So, in strict terms, we are not in the Middle East to "protect" Israel as much as we are there to assist its acts of aggression against the Arab states that stand in the way of the Zionist's plan for a Greater Israel.  

I will even go so far as to say that America's "war on terror" is nothing more than a giant military operation designed to help Israel continue its conquest of the Middle East. So in truth, Israel is not the one being threatened by its neighbors; it is the one who is threatening its neighbors.

The State of Israel was birthed in aggression, terror, rape, pillage, plunder, civilian massacres and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The Zionist state is directly and purposely responsible for the deaths of over five million Palestinians, the displacement of well over seven million indigenous men, women and children and has turned Palestine into the world's largest prison. 

And contrary to everything you've been taught about the Six Day War, Israel was not defending itself against attacking Arab neighbors; Israel preemptively attacked its Arab neighbors in an aggressive act of war—a Blitzkrieg invasion similar to Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939.

During Israel's war of aggression against its neighbors, it also attacked—and tried to sink—a U.S. Naval vessel in an attempt to draw America into its unholy war. Only the grace of God and the Herculean efforts of the brave Sailors on board the U.S.S. Liberty kept that ship afloat and allowed the men who survived that attack (34 Sailors and Marines died in the attack) the opportunity to be able to tell the truth about what happened on that fateful day of June 8, 1967.

Here is the fact that the vast majority of the American people refuse to face: The Zionist State of Israel has been dictating America's foreign policy ever since it became a state in 1948. And during that time, its stranglehold over U.S. foreign policy (and much of our domestic policy) became absolute.

Not only is the Israeli lobby the most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C. (and in many states), it is the most powerful Washington lobby BY FAR. Both political parties in D.C. are frozen in fear (and awash in money) of the Israeli lobby. Neither party will dare to buck its agendas. And needless to say, America's evangelical churches are likewise enslaved by this massive political leviathan.

Being brainwashed by the Zionist-inspired Scofield Reference Bible, the false doctrines of Christian Zionism have saturated America's evangelical churches, schools and seminaries. The false doctrines of Christian Zionism permeate Christian books and literature and also Christian radio and television broadcasts. Simply put, the false doctrines of Christian Zionism are ubiquitous in America's religious and political orbits. 

However, evangelicals would be shocked to discover that MANY Orthodox Jews in both the United States and Israel vehemently oppose the Zionist State of Israel. But that little dose of reality is as ignored as the truth about the evil machinations, history and agenda of Zionism.

(America's evangelicals would also be shocked to discover what Donald Trump actually thinks about them.)

And while Trump told the truth about why U.S. forces are in the Middle East, he continues to lie about how many forces are there and his "anti-war" rhetoric in general.

RT.com has the story:

If Trump's words about his dislike for war and US troops fighting 'forever wars' matched his actions, there would be no American soldiers in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Nor would he still be selling weapons to the region.

Nearly two years ago, I asked Russian President Vladimir Putin at his annual press conference whether he thought that American troops would really withdraw from the Middle East – a promise on which Donald Trump had campaigned, winning the support of those of us non-neoconservatives who are against pointless war. At the time, Trump had spoken of withdrawing troops from Syria. "The United States have been present in, say, Afghanistan, for how long? Seventeen years, and every year they talk about withdrawing the troops. But they are still there," replied Putin. 

One might say that the Russian president was onto something.

And nearly two years later, as Trump faces reelection and a need to show that he has fulfilled a key promise from his last campaign, here we go again with yet another troop withdrawal announcement – this time, from Iraq and Afghanistan.

US Central Command's General Frank McKenzie announced this week that American troop presence in Iraq will drop from 5,200 to 3,000 by the end of this month, and will decrease from 8,600 to 4,500 in Afghanistan by the end of October.

Trump talks so much of his dislike for war and for leaving troops overseas to fight dumb forever wars that if his actions actually matched his words, there wouldn't be any American soldiers left in the Middle East at this point. That's far from being the case.

By the time Trump took office, there were reportedly about 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan, but Trump subsequently ramped up that figure by at least another 3,000. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Far from it.

What often goes unnoticed is that Trump has been outsourcing America's wars to private contractors working for the Pentagon at levels higher or at least equal to their drawdown during the previous administration of President Barack Obama.

Today, there are 25,650 total Pentagon contractors in Afghanistan and 6,551 in Syria and Iraq, according to the latest report published by US Central Command (USCENTCOM) in July 2020. And while they're not necessarily over there fighting – although who's to say that at least some of them can't go kinetic – they're at the very least occupying these countries while performing work related to logistics/maintenance, base support, and armed security. 

In any case, they're an active foreign presence in the conflict zones, and direct representatives of the United States Defense Department. If Trump is serious about getting the US military out of foreign countries, then these contractors have to go, too.

And the war machine is more than just about soldiers. It also includes the weapons, to which Trump alluded when he dropped an inconvenient truth about the American military-industrial complex while attempting to explain why Pentagon brass isn't "in love" with him (as he believes the rank-and-file soldiers are). "The top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy," Trump said.

Based on that statement, you'd think that Trump, the US Commander in Chief, was against the principle of wars for profit. Except that the profit part of war is what Trump himself has sought to preserve at all cost. His recent "peace deal" to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates – two countries that have long cooperated on matters of national security – is really just a convenient pretext to sell more American made weapons to the anti-Iranian Middle Eastern axis. In the fine print of the deal itself is the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the UAE. Why would Trump sell them weapons if he was trying to reduce the possibility of war?

Trump may portray himself as anti-war – and, to be fair, he's the first president since Jimmy Carter to not start a new war during his term – but still, he has a long way to go before his actions match his rhetoric.

Remember, again, we are there "to protect Israel." At least this once, Trump told us the truth—sort of. 

P.S. I am proud to announce that we have become a distributor for a book that I believe EVERY American needs to read. The book is entitled The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe

Written by one of Israel's most renowned historians, this is the true story of how Israel became a state off the blood, rape and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

From the book's back cover:

The 1948 Israeli War of Independence involved one of the largest forced migrations in modern history. Around a million people were expelled from their homes at gunpoint, civilians were massacred, and hundreds of Palestinian villages destroyed. Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it would only have been called "ethnic cleansing."

In this groundbreaking book, renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe offers impressive archival evidence to demonstrate that, from its very inception, a central plan in Israel's founding ideology was the forcible removal of the indigenous population, a strategy that continues to the present day. Dr. Pappe's vivid and timely account sheds new light on the origins and development of the Palestine-Israel conflict, and is indispensable for anyone interested in the Middle East.

The State of Israel loves to play the role of victim on the world stage, but the truth is, since WWII, Israel is one of the most murderous aggressor/terror states in the world. Had any other nation on earth committed the atrocities you will find documented in this book, the entire world—especially the United States—would hold it up to global condemnation. But you have likely read or heard absolutely nothing about it. The truth of Israel's murderous conquest of Palestine is even hidden from the people of Israel themselves.

Evangelical Christians who are enamored with the modern State of Israel, believing it to be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, need to take a close, hard look at the brutal history of the Zionist state. Reading this book is the best place to begin.

I consider this book MUST READING.

Order The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine by Ilan Pappe here.

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