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US Naked Power Politics

US Naked Power Politics

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding US rage for unchallenged global dominance drives its hegemonic agenda.

Both right wings of its war party operate by the same playbook.

On Tuesday during a phone conversation with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for the world community of nations to "resist blatant and unreasonable (US) acts" to prevent an escalating cold war that could turn hot.

Stressing that Beijing would respond "firm(ly) and rational(ly)" to unacceptable US actions, he added:

"Tolerating a bully will not keep you safe. It will only let the bully get bolder and act worse." 

"All countries should act to resist any unilateral or hegemonic act and safeguard world peace and development."

The growing rift in Sino/US relations is driven by its election year "prospects and (rage to) maintain unipolar hegemony" in an increasingly multi-polar world.

Wang also urged "vigilance against" militantly over-the-top Pompeo, his ideological extremism escalating "cold war."

"We believe that all countries will make the right and wise decisions, instead of being held hostage by a small number of American politicians," Wang stressed.

Unacceptable Trump regime actions violated "the most basic etiquette for state-to-state exchanges and have broken through the most basic bottom line of international norms."

Wang warned that "the world will fall into a crisis of division, and the future and destiny of mankind will also be in danger."

In early July, Trump regime acting assistant war secretary for Indo/Pacific affairs David Helvey falsely accused China of "rewriting (global) rules for its own ends (sic)," adding:

President Xi Jinping "push(es)  an aggressive China-centric foreign policy…to achieve geopolitical centrality (sic)."

"(T)he Indo-Pacific region has borne the brunt of the Communist Party's disregard for international law and its one-sided policies (sic)."

"Together, we must be resilient as we face this long-term challenge by continuing to uphold and represent core principles such as respect of sovereignty, transparency, peaceful resolution of disputes, and freedom of navigation and overflight (sic)."

What both right wings of the US war party "respect" is pure power politics, part of their rage for unchallenged global dominance.

More of the same hostile rhetoric followed, unacceptable misinformation, disinformation and Big Lies, turning reality on its head.

Hegemon USA has a longstanding history of falsely accusing nations on its target list for regime change change for its own criminal actions — including nonbelligerent countries it preemptively attacked.

US war on China by other means rages because of its growing prominence on the world stage.

On Wednesday during a Brookings foreign policy webinar on China's growing global influence and strategy, Trump regime senior director for South and Central Asia Lisa Curtis delivered the keynote address, saying:

The White House is "willing to accept more risk" to check what it falsely calls "Chinese aggression" — a longstanding US specialty, not how Beijing operates.

The US seeks dominance over the world community of nations in contrast to China's sought cooperative relations globally.

Curtis stressed Washington's aim to strengthen ties with India, part of its objective to isolate China regionally, the same way it operates against Russia, Iran, and other nations it targets for regime change.

She, Helvey, and other Trump regime foreign policy officials are cut from the same extremist cloth as Pompeo.

So-called US interests are hostile to world peace, stability, cooperative relations among nations, and respect for their sovereign rights as mandated by international law.

On Wednesday, China's Global Times (GT) slammed Washington's "hegemonic ambition in the South China Sea."

Quoting Pompeo's days earlier hostile to China tweet, urging what he called "free nations (sic)" to prevent Beijing from taking "more territory (sic)," GT responded sharply, saying:

"Which country on earth is treating the South China Sea as its maritime empire?" 

"Just look at the map. The US, which is thousands of miles from the South China Sea, is trying to dictate regional affairs." 

"It has repeatedly sent aircraft carriers and warplanes to the waters to assert its hegemony." 

"The US has also constantly stirred the situation despite it is not directly involved in the South China Sea disputes."

In contrast, China deals diplomatically with other nations regionally and globally — polar opposite US war on humanity.

"The biggest destabilizing force in the South China Sea situation now is the US," GT stressed.

The same is true about its presence in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, and elsewhere globally — along with policies harmful to the rights, safety, and welfare of most Americans the US ruling class exploits for its own self-interest.

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