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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Hitler, Mao, Stalin All in One

America's first president, George Washington said, "If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent, we will be led, like sheep, to the slaughter."

The number one reason the Founders placed "Freedom of Speech" as the First Amendment: A Constitutional Republic demands an educated citizenry with the ability to speak their minds, their ideas, their distastes, their anger, and their opinions in the conduct of our society.

It's not always polite, orderly or kind.  It becomes messy at times in human discourse. However, in order for freedom to maintain a foothold in the basic American equation, we must preserve free speech at all costs.  Otherwise, we suffer Washington's prediction.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, shows himself to be the 21stcentury rendition of Hitler, Mao and Stalin.  He censors all free speech on his worldwide site that made him a billionaire. The heads of Google do much the same. 

Last month, I responded to a FB article on illegal aliens being fed, housed and given sanctuary, while law-breaking citizens blocked ICE agents from arresting the alien criminal.

I wrote, "Illegal aliens are not American citizens.  They broke into our country in violation of our laws. They may be arrested, charged and deported at any time."

For that statement, Zuckerberg's lackeys executed his  "community standards" to place me in FB jail for 30 days. "We will not tolerate hate speech; thus, you are barred from FB for 30 days."

I made a simple, logical and reasoned statement about illegal aliens. For that, Zuckerberg tossed the First Amendment into the trash.  He censors tens of thousands of FB Americans with his Hitleristic mandates.

When you squelch dialogue in a free society, you cancel the future of a free society.  You create a boiling caldron of discontent. You negate the U.S. Constitution.  You lay the groundwork for violent upheaval.

The celebrated writer, Mark Twain called Zuckerberg's actions, "The silent lie of silent assertion."

"Erstwhile writer Mark Twain said that concocting amusing lies for money was nothing compared to the clammy stillness of the press when confronting such horrors such as slavery. He called the "lie of silent assertion that there wasn't anything going on in which humane and intelligent people were interested. Why should we help the nation lie the whole day long and then object to telling one little individual private lie in our own inters to go to bed on? It becomes rancid in the mouth."

That "silent assertion" led to the Civil War.  Zuckerberg's action face similar historical precedent in a free society.  Once you censor free people, you mimic Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

As America continues to fracture itself via massive, incompatible and conflicting immigrant onslaught such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and other un-American individuals---you face backlash from Americans.

At some point, when leaders like Zuckerberg squelch discussion, debate and conversations they don't like, they too, one day, face the ramifications of "silent assertion" which Twain predicted.

In many ways, like Thomas Jefferson said, "We've got a wolf by the ears; but we can't let him go, and we can't hold him."

When a Hitleristic Zuckerberg tapes my mouth over from my stating the facts on FB as to the FACT that illegal alien border jumpers may be deported at any time, he slowly rolls out the next Duct Tape onto his own mouth at some point in time.

This Republic demands free speech, and free expression along with hollering, angry, and contentious voices across the land.  Our voices tell exactly what's going on under the façade of politics, racial harmony and immigration chaos.

If Zuckerberg continues his censorship, his "silent assertion", he faces Civil War II and the Coming Breakup of America.  He won't like it and his tidy little world faces crumbling around his tiny little ears that need a safe space.


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