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Moab, Utah: Immigration-Driven Overpopulation Nightmare

For over 40 years, my wife and I enjoyed our visits to Moab, Utah and Arches National Park.  We loved hiking to Delicate and Landscape Arches—true wonders of the natural world.  One arch looks like a pair of cowboy chaps standing up on a rock. The other spans 304 feet across the rocks to form a bridge.  Edward Abbey celebrated them in his epic book: Desert Solitaire.

But this year, during our two-month bike ride around America, we stopped into Moab to find a living, breathing nightmare come true.  In a little town of 5,200 people, developers constructed motels to hold nearly 10,000 beds.  They somehow either bribe, extort or simply overpower the Moab City Council. Money, money, money!  In a city that can handle only 5,000 people, developers overwhelm everything with motel beds—and then, flee the area to spend their money on mountain homes away from the overpopulation-overload they created.

As you drive into Moab, you see motels springing up like weeds in vacant lots. No design or color theme to match the surrounding mountains! Erratic colors, erratic designs, no codes, and no compliment to Mother Nature's elegance. The town looks like an Erector Set gone mad and collapsed into shambles.  Let somebody else pick up the debris.

You flat-out can't find a parking spot. You can't drive through the gridlock in the town.  You can't find a camping site.   If you travel out to Arches National Park, it takes you an hour or more to gain the gates to the park.  Once inside the park, you must deal with thousands of people stomping around, tossing trash and overwhelming the trails.

Arches can no longer be

considered a park: it resembles downtown New York City.  People spill into every nook and cranny.  You cannot secure a camping spot, even a year in advance, because people overwhelm Arches.  You can't find parking to see the attractions.  You must wait behind 20 ton "land yachts" (motorhomes) spewing diesel exhaust into the mountain air.  People pee on the rocks, on the sand and do their business in hidden crevasses.

In the areas around town, once known for mountain biking, high-powered four-wheel mules drive up and down trails blowing exhaust, carrying lazy, fat tourists paying big bucks to laugh as they rampage across the land.  The vehicles deliver horrific destruction wherever their massive rubber tires churn up the terrain.

We faced such a line of traffic attempting to gain the front gates of Arches, we decided to drive south, away from that living nightmare.

But then, we arrived in Grand Canyon National Park.  Yet another form of motor vehicle and overpopulation insanity. Tourists packed parking lots beyond comprehension.  They litter, they trash, they desecrate the land.  

At Mather Point, it's jammed so hard, you feel like you're living in a sardine can as you try to snap a picture of the majestic Grand Canyon. Tourists fill every trail beyond capacity.  Do you think you enjoy a "wilderness experience"?  Good luck with that wish!

Yosemite National Park in California: tourists pack it so tight, so hard, and so completely that you can't breathe any fresh mountain sir.  Yosemite competes with Los Angeles traffic for gridlock benchmarks.  John Muir would vomit in his grave if he saw what happened to his beloved valley.

Do you see a pattern here?  Since I've been driving around America for 50 years as teacher, trucker driver, bicyclist—I've seen the results of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that shoved in excess of 130 million more people into our country from other overpopulated countries around the world.  As a summer truck driver for United Van Lines for 30 years starting in 1977, I personally watched this country's cities turn from feasible, viable and functioning entities—into traffic madness, people-crushed housing and tremendous air-polluted contamination.  You're breathing contaminated air in LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Denver and all of them.  You can't drive to work without fear of an accident from drunks, texters and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Yet, your U.S. Congress representatives import 100,000 legal immigrants every 30 days to add 1.2 million legal immigrants annually, and in excess of 500,000 illegal jump the borders with Congresses' blessings annually. Thus far in 2019, 1.2 million illegals jumped our borders by June 1st. If continued, we face an added 110 million more people within 30 years to grow from 300 million in 2006 to 440 million by 2050.  It's a Faustian Bargain with a Hobson's Choice ending.

When will enough Americans demand a national discussion on where in the hell we're taking our civilization? What kind of a society will our kids inherit?  At this point, it's going to be a nasty, nasty, and VERY nasty future for everyone in America.

Call your senators and House rep:  1 202 224 3121 or 1 888 995 2086. Demand a stop to all immigration.

Definition of slogan:  "Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want a total shutdown on all legal and illegal immigration. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them.  We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can't save the world, but we can save or destroy our civilization.  We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children." FHW

(Permission to republish this population graph by Roy Beck, )

That's why you need to act. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them.  Urge them to act by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers.  We must force Congress into an "Immigration Shutdown Now!"

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