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U.S. Army Special Forces Officer Speaks Up On Banning Muslim Immigration

"As we both know, Islam cannot be reformed because Islam considers itself to be perfect, complete, universal, and final! Anyone who attempts to reform Islam is accused of blasphemy and can be killed as an apostate."

Often in the past 20 years, I felt like a lone wolf howling about America's nightmare immigration crisis—but few listened. This legal and illegal immigration invasion continues at the hand of our presidents and virtually all Congressional critters in Washington, DC. They flat-out won't enforce our laws to stop this invasion. They won't rescind the 1965 Immigration Reform Act to stop the legal invasion. Immigration turns our country inside out of itself. Immigration displaces all of us out of our culture, language and ethos.

With this accelerating Muslim invasion facilitated by Muslim Barack Obama, I scream in the night at our fate as Islamic numbers grow in our country.

Yesterday, after reading my interview with Canadian Tim Murray on "Banning all Muslim Immigration: The Prudent Thing to Do", I received a letter from a retired Special Force Army Green Beret.

He spells it out as to what we face with Muslims in America:

"Good morning Mr. Wooldridge," Mr. Smith said.  "I just want to give you some well-deserved positive feedback to let you know that your message is getting out and that you are being heard by other like-minded patriots!

"I have been studying Islam both personally and professionally now since the early 1980s, with real world experience serving with Special Forces in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War, Bosnia, and Iraq...to name a few. Understanding the mind (modus operandi) of this most dangerous enemy has been my passion at every level - and that is why your writing resonates with me!! 

"As a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret (Retired) with a graduate degree in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies (special emphasis on Islamic Studies), I have been following your body of work for quite some time now...and I could not agree with you more! I applaud you sir!!!

"You are one of the most reasonable, realistic, and articulate voices "crying out from the wilderness" for Americans to wake up and smell the coffee...before it is too late. Our so-called political elites, at all levels, have and are selling us out - and they are unfortunately using Islam as a "proxy army" to destroy the fabric of our nation right before our eyes.

"I am an solid Trump supporter because I honestly believe that he too, not only understands the threat, but will do something about it as well. Given the state of our nation I honestly believe that Trump is our last great hope to take our country back from the establishment and the globalists who have been moving us further and further towards the regressive left...we are almost at a point of no return, and that is why this 2016 election is so very important!! Islam has declared war on us and we must fight back...and I'm not talking about the phony and misguided "War on Terrorism" - which is a blatant sham designed as a pretext to control the people under an Orwellian police state -  e.g. the Patriot Act.

"Frankly, I'm a hardcore hawk and advocate of outlawing Islam, deporting (encouraging self-deportation) all Muslims from America, and not allowing them into our nation for any reason unless they are monitored closely...I am a proponent of the Japanese model when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Why?

"Because I fully understand the 1400-year history of Islam and the existential threat that it poses to the West in general and to America specifically! Muslims are not here to assimilate, they are here to dominate!

"I do not and will not sugarcoat Islam and I am not politically correct and multi-culturally sensitive...period! I am also an advocate of bulldozing all 2,000 + mosques and/or Islamic Centers in America and replacing them with Christian churches. Why? Because Islam is not a true religion in the sense that the uneducated Western mind can fully understand. The propaganda is that Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few radicals from within, but this could not be further from the truth...Islam is not a religion of peace! Why?

"The "relatively" non-violent (Five Pillars of Islam) Meccan Period has been abrogated within Islam by the Medinan Period (Sixth Pillar of Islam which is Political Islam = jihad) and therefore, does not in my opinion deserve protection under our First Amendment!

"The abrogated Meccan Period is still only about 13% of Islam, while the Medinan Period is 87% of Islam and takes precedence!

"Personally, I would have no problem extending our First Amendment protections to the Meccan Period, with the understanding that Islam (reform) outlaw and remove their Medinan Period of jihad...but that will never happen!! As we both know, Islam cannot be reformed because Islam considers itself to be perfect, complete, universal, and final! Anyone who attempts to reform Islam is accused of blasphemy and can be killed as an apostate. According to Islam, peace will come only once the last non-Muslim (Kafir) has been subdued (Converted to Islam, subjugated as a semi-slave dhimmi under the brutal yoke of Islam, or killed) under Islam." 

"Keep up the great writing...I am always disseminating your great work on to other open-minded patriots so that they too can begin to fully understand this dangerous Islamic Trojan horse!  Stop the Islamization of America! May God bless you."

Fellow American, as you can see from Mr. Smith's compelling statements, we stand eye-ball deep in Muslim trouble with the 4 to 7 million of those savage barbarians in our country already.  They're not here to integrate, but to conquer us.  Just one look at Europe illustrates our fate if we fail to stop all Muslim immigration.   The sooner we stop them from coming into our country, the better chance we have of containing, and at some point, forcefully deporting every last one of them back to the Middle East or Africa or whatever hell-hole they created somewhere in the world.