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U.S. Congress Filled With Corrupt Career Politicians

Today, America faces $19 trillion in national debt.  It faces 48 million Americans subsisting on food stamps.  Another 10 million Americans cannot obtain jobs.  An almost unbelievable 73 percent of African-American children arrived without a responsible father and a single mother living on welfare.  Americans pay for a war lasting 14 years in Afghanistan.  American schools graduate functionally illiterate teens by the millions. 

Americans owe China $1.3 trillion in trade deficits caused by Congress facilitating "free trade" that strangles American manufacturing. American roads and bridges along with infrastructure degrade to third world status.  Over 350,000 annual "anchor babies" from illegal alien mothers continue to siphon welfare roles without consequences.  No one in Congress moves to stop the immigration invasion of America.

Do you ever wonder why our country faces so many problems without the members of Congress doing anything to solve them?

Answer: corruption becomes a mechanism by which entrenched politicians operate.  It fills their bank accounts, adds to their power and allows them to pretend they serve the American taxpayer. 

Corrupt career politicians work continuously to cheat, lie and undermine the American people.   The longer they serve, the more inept, corrupt and brash they become.

Not in any particular order:

U.S. Senator John McCain, 78 years old, continues to serve in Congress for the citizens of Arizona for the past 30 years.  He signed the 1986 Immigration Amnesty that allowed 4.3 million illegal aliens to gain citizenship.  He promised it would never happen again.  Twenty nine years later, we suffer from and pay for endless robberies, killings, drunken driving, ruined schools, anchor babies and medical care for 20 to 31 million illegal aliens and their families.  McCain did nothing to stop the invasion.  He voted to fund the bogus Iraq War, which the Military Industrial Complex along with bankers, created out of thin air.  He watched Arizona's borders become overrun with illegal migrants to the point that the governor called for a federal "state of emergency" to stop them. 

McCain supports over 240 "sanctuary cities" harboring illegal aliens against ICE officers—by doing nothing to stop illegal immigration. We American citizens face death while criminal aliens enjoy sanctuary.  Kate Steinle died because San Francisco's mayor and California's two U.S. Senators Feinstein and Boxer support all illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. 

Let's examine U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein of California.  Both support illegal immigration. Both support sanctuary cities. Both support the war in Afghanistan for the past 14 years with NO results of stopping terrorism.  Their state houses 3 to 4 million illegal aliens wreaking havoc in California's schools, prisons, hospitals and communities.  Gangs, drugs and killings grow as their numbers grow.

What do Boxer and Feinstein do?  Answer: nothing for the past 20 years.

Let's go to New York with U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, serving for 34 years.  He voted for "free trade" that created our $1.3 trillion debt with China. He supported offshoring, insourcing and outsourcing of American jobs that created 10 million jobless Americans. He voted against mandating controls on illegal aliens which gave the 19 Muslim hijackers driver's licenses that allowed them to walk onto our planes to create 9/11.

How about U.S. Senator Levin of Michigan?  He's lived his whole life in the nation's senate chambers.  He wouldn't know an average American from a hole in the ground.  Levin remains in the senate as a "forever" politician that watched Americans pay for 350,000 illegal alien anchor babies for the past 20 to 30 years—and did nothing.

Look at Nevada's 75 year old U.S. Senator Harry Reid.  He's implicated in swindling people in land deals. He's so old and so out of touch, he cannot see what's happening to our country from his lofty Washington office. Still, he serves for 32 years.

Utah's U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch, 80 years old, continues for the past 38 years to pretty much do nothing that benefits the people of Utah or the American people. His state faces enormous problems from illegal aliens sucking off welfare, education and medical care.

House of Representatives Mitch McConnell, 73, serving for 32 years, operates as if Americans don't matter and he never stands up for any working man or woman.  Thirty-two years of utter and outright uselessness.

Ms. Barbara Mikulski from Maryland, 78 years old, continues serving for the past 38 years, but hasn't done anything, said anything or stood up for anything that benefits the American people. 

After Franklin Delano Roosevelt continued his reign until his death in his fourth term of the presidency through WWII,  Congress wisely created a total of 8 years, term limited, for the presidency saying, "Too much power for too long, is a threat to America's freedom."

Notice that all those career corrupt politicians continue to do nothing to benefit the American people---because if they took action---we wouldn't be in the mess we face today.

Notice that most of them enjoy endless perks, many become millionaires from insider trading on defense projects, live in fantastic homes, drive rich automobiles, sycophants at work, and they enjoy endless status. 

They remain out of touch with the American people. They do nothing for the American worker.  They line the pockets of the bankers, corporations, munitions people, hotel and restaurant companies and the Military Industrial Complex.

It's time for a two 4-year term, 8-year limit on all public servants in our U.S. Congress.  Otherwise, we face more insidious corruption from the likes of all those mentioned in this column.

In the end, we lose our country spiraling down into a third world toilet.


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