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You’ll Stop Being a Serf When You Do This…

serfdomI hear the same complaints about politicians that you do. And while I understand them (I’ve complained plenty myself), the fact is that complaining accomplishes very little. And there is a very simple reason why complainers have no effect:

Because the complainers keep right on obeying.

As long as you obey, the things you complain about will keep on happening, and there is no way around that fact.

The Proof

This idea that “nothing changes as long as you obey” has a modern proof – that of American blacks in the southern United States. Specifically, between the civil war and Martin Luther King Jr.

King is badly misunderstood. His legacy has become a tool for garnering of political power. He has been turned into a semi-mystical symbol and used by power grabbers of many types.

The real Martin King, however, was a minister who exposed the truth that obedience is serfdom. His crucial synthesis was to combine disobedience with goodness. His crucial work was to hold them together.

What King did is what we must do, if we wish to rise above the modern serfdom that surrounds us.

Blacks suffered for many decades in the American south. They complained endlessly, but the laws were against them and remained against them. A few of the white people around them were sympathetic, and more white people in the north were sympathetic, but everyone obeyed the law and little changed.

Until King came along, of course, with his new strategy of goodness plus disobedience.

King was, above all, a minister. Goodness was paramount to him, and he had a very clear vision of what goodness entailed. And, he became very good at communicating it. King added disobedience to goodness, and combined them with teachings on courage and self-control.

Within a decade or so of using this strategy, things changed in the American south. First, individuals changed. And, after a while, laws followed.

There is far too much to tell of this decade of liberation (we covered the topic in FMP #35), so I will give you some quotes from Dr. King:

Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.

We will not obey unjust laws or submit to unjust practices. We will do this peacefully, openly, cheerfully because our aim is to persuade. We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself.

Most people can’t stand up for their convictions, because the majority of people might not be doing it. See, everybody’s not doing it, so it must be wrong. And since everybody is doing it, it must be right.

Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right.

Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.

How to Disobey?

What to do and how to do it are for YOU to decide.

If I were to give you some sort of blueprint, and if you followed it, you’d be falling right back into the same trap of obeying someone else… in this case, me. That would be bad for you and worse for me.

You must decide for yourself what path to take, and you must – inside of yourself – summon the courage to act upon it, without me or anyone else holding your hand.

You must choose and you must act. Until then, your serfdom remains.

But when you do choose and act, you make yourself a free man or woman.

Paul Rosenberg


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Comment by Anon Commenter
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"What to do and how to do it are for YOU to decide."  Yes, but it helps, for those who don't have the knowledge base (to understand, that FOREIGN CENTRAL BANKERS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, via the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA) to have a "blueprint" of solutions, to draw from...

Yes, the individual must ultimately decide how to act.  You see, knowledge, alone, is NOT power.  Knowledge + action = POWER.  You must first acquire the knowledge, and then, once you understand the truth of that knowledge, you must ACT upon it, in order to (EM) POWER yourself.

A question every individual must ask him or herself:

Question: Am I part of the collectivist problem, or part of the SOLUTION?

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS (to the collectivist problems) TO CONSIDER:

1) Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (& gold, platinum) bullion. This will ultimately bring the END of the silver manipulation by JP Morgue, and COULD save you, financially.
2) BUY USED – at Thrift, Consignment, or Second-hand stores – it keeps your $$, in the LOCAL economy. If you buy online, use etsy.com, and buy from a seller that ships within the US – it keeps your $$ in the USA.
3) BUY MADE IN USA – when buying NEW items. It keeps more AMERICANS employed, at a time, when MORE AMERICANS than EVER, are UNEMPLOYED, and NEED work.
4) Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic food store or Co-op! Whole,
organically-grown foods are best. NO GMO’s! LOCALLY-sourced, is ideal. Support local.
5) Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin (here are just a couple examples):
7) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
8) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit & debit cards.
9) Bank at a local credit union! Why bank at a TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Bank, such as those that received a CRONY BANKER BAILOUT (from the “Fed”) in late 2008, which Obama authorized with his signature?
10) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, attention, & energy?)
11) Contact your “Representatives” on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!”
12) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting! It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
13) THINK for yourself. Turn off the TV. READ. Exercise the brain muscle. Read THE GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY, AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-globalization-of-poverty-deconstructing-the-new-world-order; Read TRAGEDY AND HOPE, by Prof. Carroll Quigley: http://www.infowarsshop.com/Tragedy-Hope_p_639.html; Read THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin: http://www.realityzone.com/creature.html
14) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Banks/Oil/Weapons/Drugs/CFR/CIA Business + Big Government + Big Religion + Big Media, Big Pharma, etc.)
15) Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! (Stress weakens the auto-immune system, opening up the body to free radical attack). Check out http://www.mercola.com for a wide array of health-related articles – top notch!
16) Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
17) Next Spring – start your own garden using NON-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!
18) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those 1) enslaving, or 2) poisoning you!
19) PEACE IS the way. Don’t be cannon-fodder for the International Central Bankers’ N.W.O.
20) Quit your “TBTF” Bank/Corporate or Government job, (especially if it is HIGHLY STRESSFUL, and isn’t producing anything of ANY VALUE TO ANYONE) and do something more CONSTRUCTIVE, PRODUCTIVE, and fulfilling.

There – now you have an additional 20 SOLUTIONS to consider, most of which you can begin using today! For even more SOLUTIONS to our “collectivist” problems, go here:

Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

Comment by Don Duncan
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Excellent advice. I read blogs where people get bogged down debating endless details for freedom strategies. The details vary with the individual. What matters is taking action. Once resistance is undertaken it is addictive. Some want to debate the practicality of resistance in detail, on and on, as if a consensus will somehow be reached that will allow previously inactive slaves to become freer. What they fail to understand is that the moment the first act of defiance is taken the actor become free. Freedom is a state of mind created and strengthened by action. I have entered into endless debate only to finally realize that the person's "what ifs" are merely an attempt to justify inaction while maintaining the illusion that freedom is the goal. They cannot face their fear of taking responsibility for their lives. They are paralyzed by fear/inaction. So they avoid the uncomfortable uncertainty of new decisions. They maintain the status quo telling themselves that this is the safest choice. When this backfires, they deny responsibility as in: "How could I know?" It is/was their responsibility to know. Doing nothing or doing what you're told is your decision, and you have to live with it. No supernatural power is going to give you a pass for willful ignorance or obeying orders.