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Good Morning Mr. Vallejo, This is the Maricopa County Elections Department...

7:50 a.m., Tuesday, November 3rd - Election day for City Council Members in Districts 3 and 6.  I don't live in either, but I am two miles from the border of District 6 just east of me.
TEN minutes after the polls have opened...
Caller: "Good Morning, is Mr. Edward Vallejo there?"
Me: "Who's calling please?" (stock answer for anyone I don't recognize)
Caller: "This is the Maricopa County Elections Department calling."
Me: "Yes Ma'am, how can I help you?"
Caller: "Mr. Vallejo, we were wondering if you were available to work at one of our polling places today - it is election day?"
Me: "Well, that depends.  Where, and for how long?"
Caller: "The polling place is about two minutes from you, and we would need you there until about 7 o'clock when the polls close."
Me: "I can do that, the only problem is I have to pick up my Wife at work at noon, and my Granddaughter at 3:30 from school."
Caller: "Hold on a second sir..." 
She puts me on hold for about 20 seconds, then comes back on
Caller: "Sir, we appreciate your offer, but once you are there I can't have you leave."
Me:  "Well that's too bad.  If I had been given a little more notice, I could have made other arrangements."  
Caller: "Yes sir - thank you for your time and have a nice day."
I'm still trying to process this information.
At first I'm thinking why on Earth are they trying to drum up Poll Workers after the Polls have opened?   This surprises me, because one thing that has been consistent has been the Volunteers.  The People have always stepped forward, and every Polling place I've been to was always well staffed. 
As Arizona Coordinator for the Continental Congress 2009 to be held in St. Charles, Illinois next month, I organized a statewide election and made sure there were an adequate number of Poll Workers at each Polling Place.  That is a standard.
On the flip side - I don't live that far from District 6, and if available, I could have been there right away - I'm a logical choice to call, added with the fact that I'm in Karen Osborne's contact list.  It's either that, or they were going down the Voter Registration list - I don't know which.
All I know is it sounds like somebody dropped the ball - AGAIN - in a Department that has been besieged with complaints and lawsuits claiming impropriety - to no avail.
When I testified recently as to the things I saw on Presidential Election Night that I believed to be breaches of security and conflicts of interest,  the decision handed down by the judge days later amounted to 'we acknowledge that your testimony is true, but at this late date, there is nothing that can be done about it.'
More like - 'at this late date we are unwilling to do anything about it!' and the People Be Damned.
Just one more reason why THE R3VOLUTION CONTINUES.