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I partially repent of Teaparty criticism.

I have been as vocal and outspoken as anyone against the likes of Beck and Hannity speaking for our movement. I've published articles, flooded my patient and longsuffering friends with more emails and even put up a pay-per-click advertising campaign on Google. It was a coordinated attack among several of us who determined to flood the patriot channels with this view point.

That's one thing about this movement that's cool. We might not always be able to get the nation's attention but we can have our full attention within 24 hours. We have the most efficient information dissemination systems of any organization in the world. And we're not even an organization. We're more like a disorganization.

Some of my posts on Daily Paul and Ron Paul Forums drew enthusiastic responses from people who said "who cares, it's a chance for us to reach people" and alone these lines I'd planned to head down to my local action and meet fresh faces. But I got hijacked by the folks at RestoreTheRepulbicRadio.com who insisted that I'd be needed to help out with their all-day coverage of the event nationally. And that sounded pretty fun. And it was.

I had no idea, and I'm not sure it was the plan to abandon me with the mic for half the day. By the end I was horse and tired of talking and just about begging for relief but I got to talk to people from all over the country. And when I say all over the country, I mean ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Calls were coming in so fast it was almost impossible to keep up with them. The enthusiasm was incredible and a pattern quickly developed.

This thing was a force multiplier like nothing we've ever seen. It was a factor-10 force multiplier. Where people expected dozens, there were hundreds. Where hundreds were expected there were thousands. And where thousands were expected there were tens of thousands. We had reports of crowds in the tens of thousands from dozens of cities. Think of that. The R3VOlUTION March in DC caught about 10,000. The Rally For The Republic drew about 13,000. These numbers just got utterly blown away. Teaparty organizers must be in pure ecstasy right now.

Another report I heard endlessly, and I was asking every caller, was the distinct impression that WE were infiltrating THEM. We were unmistakably present at every event. So it worked. The whole thing worked wonderfully. I'm not sorry for going on the offensive against the neocons, I plan to keep it up but this whole thing has provided awesome leverage. So I must partially repent of my negative attitude. It's not very hard to do. My negativity doesn't stand long in the face of pure joy. It's always a good trade. Especially when that joy is based upon objective and measurable reality.

Indeed there's reason for joy but at the same time this kind of puts us under some pressure to perform. The movement we wake up with today is not the movement we woke up with yesterday. The bar has been raised. By Gods, we're mainstream now! I mean we're setting the agenda! I mean pinch me, I must be dreaming. Everything we've wanted for the past 30 years seems to just sort of....be happening. I don't mean to sugar-coat the situation, we're under profound threat as a people but look at the measureables: we wanted people to be armed, to have financial security in gold, to have food security in storage and production and to become aware. Bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo.

The American people are better prepared than they have been in two generations. They know what's going on. We aren't so stupid after all. And I have to admit, after so many years of pounding our heads against this thing with little result but a massive headache, actually getting somewhere seems almost....it just seems kind of unreal. But as I turn around and look at our past, at my past and that of so many hardcore activists, the first thing I see is a literal paper trail. The millions of flyers and DVDs and signs and banners. We've been seeding this population with our information literally for decades. And I guess those seeds have been taking root. And now they are coming into full bloom.

The hippies had their summer of love. This is the springtime of the R3VOlUTION.
The significance of the teaparties turns out to be what Michael Maresco and others said it would be: an opportunity for us to meet a whole ton of new people and get our info into their hands. So we just got stronger in a big way.
You guys keep reaching out and we'll keep attacking the neocons. It's about time we set the agenda.