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By David McElroy
  WAR! World War III is inevitable. The writing is on the wall, for those astute enough to study the machinations of billionaires and their puppet governments in the quest for domination of the planet. It is much like an experiment I saw in college…where a tank of water is filled with hundreds of tiny young crabs. They were given nothing, and in the fierce competition for food, only one large cannibal crab was in the tank at the end.
  Our world is in a similar competition for finite resources, with the corporate conglomerates and states devouring one another any way they can. Like the Japanese used to say, “Business is War!” McCain, Clinton, Obama, they all promise the same protracted war, seeking American hegemony in a New World Order of tyranny. One World Government is the goal of contestants in several other countries also.
  Let’s look at our situation in economic, logistic, and political terms in both the domestic and global views. President Bush is right to be concerned with enemies, because he has made many of them with his policies at home and abroad, as Congressman Ron Paul has noted. However, all of America will pay for the NeoCon cabal’s having bet the farm on their gamble for a world empire.
  America is essentially bankrupt…the U.S. Comptroller General David Walker has declared this in public. He resigned in disgust with a Congress spending our money like drunken sailors. We have major banks and financial firms going broke, millions of home foreclosures and businesses failing. Vacant factories, machine shops, and warehouses are found everywhere as federal officials have enacted policies encouraging outsourcing and foreign investments, NAFTA and such. American assets are now being sold at fire sale prices…if they can find a buyer. Government policies in many ways put American businesses at a disadvantage in global competition…and various special interests keep it that way.
  The dollar is falling faster than the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, becoming worthless. Opec nations have stopped accepting dollars for oil. As more oil producers take their business through the European Union or Russian banks, expect more huge bankruptcies on Wall Street. Wages have been stagnant many say. Actually, they are being decreased by the predations of the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve Bank (a private banking cartel). Benefits are fast disappearing, and full time employees are being replaced by part timers working for minimum wage. Pensions and Social Security dollars are worth far less than they were paid into the system. As the buying power of paychecks shrivels up, sales are plummeting. Unemployment is way up, and government statistics attempt to minimize this by reporting only new unemployment insurance applicants. Of course, twenty million illegal immigrants only exacerbate the problem and send wages spiraling ever downward. Living standards are falling, restrictions are rising. America has many homeless people, and many lacking basic health care. Most homes require more than one breadwinner to put food on the table.
  Speaking of logistics, the ability to deliver, we are doomed. Our manufacturing base has been gutted. Steel mills, foundries, factories, machine shops, and shipyards are mostly things of America’s yesteryear. We have only a few ships. We still excel in aerospace and computers, but even those industries are being exported. Red China has even been permitted to purchase some American defense contractors as well as manufacturing our army boots and uniforms and a host of other things. President Clinton, you may recall, gave the Red Chinese all of our nuclear missile guidance secrets, enabling the communist giant to engage us in a space arms race. Chinese industries are enjoying unprecedented growth. The Russians are growing stronger too, now the world’s leading oil and gas exporter. Both are rapidly strengthening their economies and military forces. Many people forget America won World War II by out-manufacturing the Axis powers and their enslaved nations. The USA was a lean, mean, manufacturing machine. Now we are a land of burger flippers, telemarketers, clerks, and information processors. If we want to defend our country, we’ll have to ask foreign countries for supplies and munitions!
  Near the end of World War II, the U.S.S. Alabama, a mighty battleship with sixteen inch guns and sixteen inch armor, was built in just 88 days by hard-working Americans! We could not begin to do that now. And if we tried, cost over-runs and delays in construction wouldn’t help us. We deliver Humvees and other complex expensive vehicles to our troops in the field, and they find them more trouble than they are worth. World War II’s little Jeep and other equipment emphasized simplicity and rugged construction. Today, it is complexity, high maintenance, and high price tags. We scrap or scuttle our older warships, Russia and China mothball them or sell them to a client state. Russia uses vacuum tube electronics, which are more resistant to electromagnetic pulse weapons than our solid state electronics.
  Our military’s flag officers have beseeched the Bush regime to consider the armed forces’ state of depletion as dire, yet the NeoCons call for more war, and threaten Iran. We do not give adequate care to veterans returning home injured. Officers who consider the Bush/Cheney war plans to be ill-advised are cashiered when they seek to advise differently. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
  The fall of Rome, where “multicultural” and “cosmopolitan” interests let enemies become encamped within the city gates, has much to teach us. Like Rome, the US government is throwing Christians to the lions in the arena…and yet politicians shield themselves claiming to be Christian while their depravities are obvious! Like Rome, we are given over to hedonism and subjected to homosexual displays in “Gay Pride” parades. Instead of bread and circuses, our government gives us TV and food stamps. The corrupt trial of Christ by the Roman Pilate was much like the current state of affairs under the “Patriot Act”. The mere accusation is sufficient to condemn an innocent man…without an attorney or habeas corpus. Torture is condoned. Former Attorney Gonzales testified before Congress, saying the president is not subject to any law, and it seems King George now wields more power than Caesar ever dreamed of. Yet he is but a puppet.
  The egotistic cannibals at the top of the fiscal food chain are not sated. They will continue until every single creature on the planet is either controlled, enslaved, or killed for their profit and pleasure. They are the elite. They see us as nothing but cattle.
  The Sons of Satan in Washington, District of Criminals, don’t even hide their corrupt practices, their no-bid billion dollar contracts to friends, adultery, bribery and treason. Is it no wonder they no longer represent our interests? With national ID cards, chip implants they can track from satellites, toll booths/military checkpoints, wiretapping everybody and everything, and terminating the Bill of Rights, what more do we need to know? It is time to remember that the best time to fight is BEFORE they put you on a boxcar!
  The preparations for martial law are in place. Detention camps and disarmament await us. Foreign troops stand ready for riots.
  With America weak and emaciated, lacking industrial, military, and economic strength, with an obviously frightened government posturing before a bellicose community of nations raped by US multinational corporations and an anxious public at home increasingly aware of the emperor has no clothes, America is ripe for the picking. The world is taking its business elsewhere as Main Street USA becomes a slum area.
  Our aerospace assets and the nuclear weapons they could deliver are our only strengths. Our army and naval forces are overtaxed and spread thin. China and Russia would find it advantageous to cut our long supply lines. As our market for Chinese goods diminishes as Americans increasingly are unable to purchase any goods at all, China will feel less restrained about hitting our carriers. They would not have to attack our mainland to collapse this country like a house of cards.     You might recall the communists back in the 1930’s said the plan was to take us from within…to corrupt our culture…to draw out our military all over the globe…and strike when we were weak to occupy America with troops from Mongolia (a part of Red China)! And we gave them Long Beach harbor!
  The NeoCons, led by such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, insist on a power play to plunder central asian resources with bribery, intimidation, and military conquest. McCain says he has no problem with a hundred years of war in the Middle East. We have been busy establishing military bases in the region, noting Iraq’s central location in oil country. China has set up “commercial” bases all around the USA, and has armed its merchant ships. How can we expect China and Russia, seeing America’s weakness, to respond to these predations? WAR!
  An ill wind is blowing…arrange for shelter. Know your friends. Be ready for chaos! Recall the folks in New Orleans who expected the government to help them after the hurricane Katrina? Don’t count on FEMA for anything but a detention camp! The truth is the first casualty in war. Use your head. The revolution will not be televised. It’s WAR!