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I vote for “Yellow Page Non-Government”

What if there was an election and nobody came? Would the government’s justification for ruling us go away? I think maybe the various levels of government would argue that we our chance to vote several times a year. That one time they allowed a vote on taking more of our property, and that time they promised more government services, and that other time they let us vote on not letting some individuals do something that didn’t bother anybody. Oh, and how about that time they made us pay for somebody’s Construction/Development project that cost a gazillion dollars,… plus delay cost, interest etc.

We’re told that if we don’t vote in their election, that’ll decide how much we are to be enslaved, then we don’t have a “right” to complain. Really?! If my neighbors decide to turn my front yard into a playground, what am I suppose to do… vote no? If I vote then I sanction the outcome. Oh they’ll say that I had my right to campaign. I could lobby my neighbors in an effort to convince them not to use the collective force of the ‘government vote’ to steal my property. I am “allowed” by law to state my reasons (within limits of course) why I think they should vote in a manner that would allow me total control over my property as long my use didn’t interfere with the use of their property. But in the end, should the majority of my neighbors vote to take control of my property away from me, what would my vote represent?

I might be happy if I won and I might thank my neighbors for their support. But what if I lose? Since I would have been happy with the outcome if I won, then I am obligated to abide by the decision when I lose. But what if I didn’t vote? Would the theft of my property have my validation all over it? I can certainly understand the opinion that the only people that get to complain about the individual rights abuses of our government are those that DO NOT VOTE.

Many freedom supporters, since the Declaration of Independence and even before, understood the dangers of voting and warned us. The best argument they have used in the promotion of voting is as a peaceful tool of self defense. I mean, what are you going to do… shoot someone?

You can tell what kind of results you are going to get out of any social group by looking at what they reward. Our country now punishes productivity and rewards sloth. The more you are able to produce, the more you are punished (and at a higher rate) for your success. The less you produce the more you benefit from a redistribution of the stolen wealth. The less efficient any government program is the more it is subsidized. I remember Ronald Regan quoting someone describing government, “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.”

We all can smile at the painful reality of a government gone “collectivist”, but only for a moment, then we realize how much better we’d be off if all government just evaporated. And don’t think the bad guys don’t know this. That’s why it’s important that you stay very dependent. Most of that dependency is based on the fear of what ‘might’ happen.

I was trying to get some government information a little while ago and I went to the Blue Pages of the phone book and realized after 4 or 5 voice mails and promised call backs that those government agencies don’t really give me my money’s worth. After half of my income is taken up in the cost of taxes and regulations that sustain a parasite class of Americans (I might have said that better but it would have meant the same thing :) I could have just picked up the Yellow Pages or gone on line with all of my money and called someone eager to serve me at a fraction of the cost.