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Dr. Jerry Tennant Gives Compelling Talk on the Body's Electrical System and Healing with Voltage

•, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea

He said that caused low voltage and low oxygen to that part of the brain  and he had to stop working due to a decline in health. He took control of his health and discovered that cells need voltage to work. He has spent many years mapping out the body's electrical system. Dr. Tennant explained the dangers of root canal teeth that are dead. When tooth infections move into the bone, it shuts down circuits in the the body. He said that the two components in all chronic disease are dental infections and stressful emotions.

Dr. Tennant gives a lecture with slides explaining his theories on biological electrical systems and how to recharge it. He explains how invisible scalar energy that contains all frequencies corrects polarity. Scalar energy can turn stressful emotions into memories to get rid of emotional baggage.

In this episode, I speak with world renown Dr. Jerry Tennant. We discuss his journey of healing himself from a life-threatening illness by discovering how to regenerate cellular voltage.

I have studied his work and used his products for the past 6 years in my office with exceptional success for my patients and quoted his brilliant research and books in my own book Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity. I consider his Restore Nutritional formula the best and most comprehensive in the world, I use it myself and recommend it to my patients.

In this time where self-assembly nanotechnology transforms the blood and hijacks our electrical life force, Dr Tennant explains how the polarity flip of cellular voltage causes blood changes, chronic fatigue and all diseases of aging, the very premise that I have worked to explain to people.  He discusses how to use the biomodulator to reset the autonomic nervous system and the scalar wave biotransducer to flip the polarity of the cellular batteries so they can hold a charge.