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Maher Audience Silenced After Andrew Cuomo Admits NYC Trump Trial...

•, by Tyler Durden

Former governor of New York from 2011 to 2021 Andrew Cuomo appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday where he discussed the implications of the New York City Trump trial with host Maher. 

Maher's mostly liberal audience is caught quiet when Maher and Cuomo start frankly discussing whether or not the trial was helpful for the Trump campaign. 

"The trial in New York, the one he [Trump] got convicted for, was the greatest fundraising bonanza ever. He was lagging behind Biden, and now he's pulled quite a bit ahead," Maher said to Cuomo during the show. 

"That trial was the greatest reason people had to send their checks for $5, $10, 2$5, whatever dollars to Donald Trump. So I was always with you [Andrew Cuomo] on the one in New York, the hush money trial. I don't think they should have brought that one," he continues. 

To which Cuomo, who was elected as New York State Attorney General in 2006, replied: "That case, the attorney general's case in New York, frankly, should have never been brought."

Cuomo continued: "If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn't running for president. I'm the former AG in New York. I'm telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that's what is offensive to people. And it should be!"

"Because if there's anything's belief in the Justice system!"

In the same episode, Maher also asks how Joe Biden could be ahead in the polls when he is losing votes with so many key demographics.

"And yet I read in the polls he pulled ahead this week. Explain that to me," Maher says.