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The Docuseries is Finally Here! Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare

• https://sarahwestall.com, By Sarah Westall

The official announcement:

We are excited to announce the premiere of the groundbreaking series, "Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare" hosted by Sarah Westall. This thought-provoking docuseries delves into the hidden layers of control, manipulation, and advanced technologies shaping our modern world.

This powerful series offers invaluable insights into critical issues such as mind control, advanced warfare, and the impact of technology on society. Join leading experts as they uncover the truth behind these complex topics and provide practical solutions for navigating these challenging times.

"Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare" premieres on BrightU on June 29th and will stream until July 9th. In this series, Sarah Westall and her esteemed guests empower you with knowledge and tools to understand and counter the forces at play in our world today.

Watch the trailer: